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Friday, June 14, 2024

Black Country Communion release V


Supergroup Black Country Communion Releases Highly 

Anticipated Album 'V'

Legends Glenn Hughes, Joe Bonamassa, Jason Bonham, and 

Derek Sherinian Triumph With Their Finest Work Yet

Available Now: Listen to ‘V’ HERE

WATCH the music video for the latest single “Letting Go”

Order New Studio Album ‘V’ from the UK & Europe HERE

Order New Studio Album ‘V’ from North America HERE

“This album is already a contender for Album of the Year.” 

– 10/10 Powerplay Magazine

Black Country Communion, the iconic rock supergroup featuring Glenn HughesJoe BonamassaJason Bonham, and Derek Sherinian, proudly announces the release of their fifth studio album, V. Available now on CD and Double LP (180 gramCosmic Blue Vinyl at BCC’s official store and all major streaming platforms, the album marks a pivotal moment in the band’s history, showcasing their most ambitious and profound work to date. Watch the music video for the latest single “Letting Go.”

“The writing and recording of Black Country Communion’s ‘V’ was monumental,'' shares bassist 

Glenn Hughes, the voice of rock and a pivotal force behind the album. “We all believe that this could be our finest work. I am looking forward to this album release and hoping to see you all on the great highway in 2024.”

has already begun to make waves in the music community, receiving a perfect score from Rock N Load, which describes it as “a killer album from start to finish, a true testament of what happens when musicians of this caliber get together in a room and thrash it out.” Critics praise the album for its dynamic and powerful sound, affirming Black Country Communion as “a tornado of a band that sonically devastates everything in their way.”

Photo credit: Rob Bondurant

Blues Rock Review hailed the album in a glowing review, noting, “These guys don’t just write songs for the sake of it, every track takes you on a journey with them, teasing you as they weave their magic, breaking down when you least expect it, building up to a crescendo and pushing you right over the edge, this album has it all and then some.”

“This album exceeds the sum of its parts and has captured possibly the 

finest recordings from their collaborative journey together.” 

– 10/10 Powerplay Magazine

“V may represent their fifth album, but it could equally denote V for Victory.” 

–  5-Stars, R’N’R Magazine

“With the quartet at the top of their game, this hunger to get together and make music seems to have given the outfit a fire and newborn freshness that’s powerful enough to tilt the globe on its axis.”  – Metal Planet Music

V features a collection of tracks that resonate with the band’s signature blend of hard rock and soul-stirring blues, from the powerful lyrics and profound musical composition of Red Sun, to the electrifying single “Enlighten” and the funk-heavy “Stay Free.” Penned by Hughes and Bonamassa, each song takes listeners on a journey, weaving a narrative of power, introspection, and revival.

Since their debut in 2010, Black Country Communion has consistently delivered critically acclaimed albums, masterfully blending British blues-rock with American soul to captivate audiences around the globe. Produced by their long-time collaborator Kevin Shirley, their latest release, ‘V,’ reaffirms their status as rock royalty. This album captures the band’s dynamic sound and evolving artistic expression, celebrating their journey, talent, and enduring vision.

CD Track Listing:

1. Enlighten

2. Stay Free

3. Red Sun

4. Restless

5. Letting Go

6. Skyway

7. You're Not Alone

8. Love And Faith

9. Too Far Gone

10. The Open Road

Vinyl Track Listing:

Side A


Stay Free

Red Sun

Side B


Letting Go


You're Not Alone

Side C

Love And Faith

Too Far Gone

The Open Road

Side D (BONUS Live tracks from Wolverhampton)

Sway (Live)

Save Me (Live)

Wanderlust (Live)

About Black Country Communion

BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION is a powerhouse supergroup fusing the incredible talents of Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Trapeze), Joe Bonamassa (Blues Rock Legend), Jason Bonham (Led Zeppelin, Sammy Hagar and the Circle, Foreigner) and Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, Sons of Apollo). Their brand of earth-shattering rock is heavily influenced by both British and American classic hard-rock and blues-rock music. The reputation they have cultivated after 15 years since their inception, not only as amazing songwriters, but as a powerful live act, is only exceeded by their dedication to their craft and willingness to challenge each other to make the best music imaginable.





Albumcover artwork by Hugh Syme

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