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Saturday, June 29, 2024

In Profile: Poison Oak


Band Name: Poison Oak
Country: Australia
1. Let's start at the beginning then. When did the band form?
The band formed in 2019, it was Ray and myself (James), we would go up for runs on this track called the Goat Track, its located on Castle Hill, Townsville. We would then come back to my place and jam, and I would show Ray songs I had been working on. It became a thing and it just started to become a Jam. Our mate Russell soon joined us on Bass, but who left in 2021, now Adrian plays bass. Chris joined in 2020, after Grant our original drummer left once we started getting some songs together.
2. Who's in the band?
Adrian, Chris, Ray and myself James
3. Were any of you in bands before?
Chris had played in a steampunk band before. I think Adrian had played in some bands during his uni days, and I played in quite a few bands, went on a few tours back when I lived in Brisbane. 
4. How would YOU describe your sound?
Indie Rock, with Punk, throw in a bit of post punk, the occasional balladsprinkle on some blues and there you have it.
5. What are your musical influences?
For the band I would say, The Cure, Smashing Pumpkins, Violent Soho, Powderfinger, Blink 182, Bright Eyes
6. What have been up to lately? any new stuff to delight our ears?
Well we just released our debut album, These Suburban Dreamsbut more we have just finished recording some songs that will come off our second album.
7. How about live dates? What have you been doing and what ya got planned for 2024?
Weve been playing a lot of shows so far in 2024, as well as releasing our albumThese Suburban Dreams. Were also hoping to release a few tracks off the second album, coming round August/September.

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