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Saturday, June 8, 2024



BLACK SITES' frontman Mark Sugar comments on The Promised Land?: "In the immediate aftermath of our last album Untrue, we amassed a pile of new ideas pretty quickly. In June 2023, we began recording at the legendary Electrical Audio studios, an amazing experience which feels even more special in light of Steve Albini’s recent passing. Towards the end of the process, we somehow convinced Tom Draper (SPIRIT ADRIFT) and Matt Johnsen (PHARAOH) to contribute guest solos to the record."
Sugar continues, "To me, The Promised Land? stands as a unique achievement in our catalog. It will sound familiar to anyone who’s heard us before, but it expands on ideas we’ve been pursuing since the beginning, and kicks open some new doors as well. I think the record’s strength is in its diversity, but there is a musical and lyrical worldview that keeps things feeling cohesive. This is BLACK SITES at our most ambitious and complex."
Formed in 2016 as a studio project, BLACK SITES combine old school metal with guitar harmonies, melodic/clean vocals and progressive elements, primarily drawing inspiration from the likes of VOIVOD, BLACK SABBATH, and KING’S X. The band released their debut In Monochrome in 2017 (Mascot Records), and Exile in 2019, with 2021 bringing Untrue produced by Sanford Parker and awarded Record Of the Year by Dr. A.N. Grier @
Mark Sugar (Vocals, Guitar)
Ryan Bruchert (Guitar)
Brandon White (Drums)
Guest Performers: 
Matt Johnsen (PHARAOH), guitar on “Dread Tomorrow”
Tom Draper (SPIRIT ADRIFT, ex-CARCASS), guitar on “Chasing Eternity”
Album Credits:
Producer: Mark Sugar
Recording Studio: Electrical Audio, Rax Trax, Nightmare on Mace Street
Engineer: Taylor Hales
Mastering: Noam Wallenberg @ Rax Trax, Chicago
Mixing: Noam Wallenberg @ Rax Trax, Chicago
Album Cover Artist: Alexandre Goulet
Album Formats: CD, Digital, LP (Black)
The Promised Land? Track Listing: 
1. Descent (5:52)
2. Dread Tomorrow (5:04)
3. Gideon (5:35)
4. World On Fire (6:15)
5. Chasing Eternity (4:45)
6. Promised Land (11:42)
7. Many Turn To None (4:55)

Chicago-based trio BLACK SITES fuse together aspects of old school metal and 80s thrash with progressive and melodic styles. The band will release their fourth full length The Promised Land? on September 6th, 2024. This is the first album to feature Brandon White (REPENTANCE) on drums. 

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