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Friday, June 21, 2024

Lions At The Gate album n tour


LIONS AT THE GATE, the heavy groove metal band hailing from Los Angeles, has released their thought-provoking new single "Can't Feel The Sun". Accompanying the release is a compelling music video that visually captures the intense emotional depth of the song. This latest offering from the band delves into themes of darkness, personal realization, and the struggles of surrender, continuing their tradition of creating honest and organic music that resonates deeply with listeners. 

Can't Feel The Sun" delivers a raw and powerful exploration of personal darkness and the quest for redemption. The lyrics, penned by vocalist Cristian Machado, delve into the profound moments of realization and surrender in a person's life. Machado shares, "The meaning behind the lyrics is pretty simple, and although the words get a little bit poetic, it clearly states what is going on in the mind of the writer. It’s written from the point of view of someone who is broken, completely broken, but has come to the realization that a lot of the darkness in their life is brought on by decisions that they’ve made. The chorus has a short and an extended version. In the short version. There is only darkness, only pain, only suffering, no light. At the second and third chorus, there is an extended version in which there is realization, the 'falling apart', and recognizing that despite all you do, you truly have to turn your heart from the inside out and leave some things to destiny. I believe this is something that occurs personally with everyone at some point, a moment of complete surrender. Thing is you usually are at rock bottom when that occurs."

"I will always remember the exact day that I surrendered my soul to the universe, and I remember clearly for the reasons why I did it. I believe everyone has a moment in their life where they surrender control of their heart. In reality, we all surrender our hearts to something and some people surrender their hearts to many things. This song is about the recognition that the suffering is man-made, that our hearts can guide us, but that even perfect love is subject to heartbreak, even perfect faith is subject to deceit, even perfect life is subject to death."

"Can't Feel The Sun" is but a first taste of what is in store for LIONS AT THE GATE fans. This single is also the harbinger of things to come, signaling a new chapter in the band’s evolution and hinting at the powerful, raw, and emotionally charged music that is yet to be unveiled.

You can see LIONS AT THE GATE live on select dates this summer. Full dates below:

July 7th - Denver, CO - The Rickhouse

July 9th - Tulsa, OK - The Shrine

with Kingdom Collapse, Another Day Dawns

July 11th - Houston, TX - White Oak Music Hall

July 12th - Austin, TX - The Ballroom

July 13th - Dallas, TX - RBC

July 14th - Oklahoma City, OK - 89th Street

July 16th - Wichita, KS - Temple Live

July 17th - Kansas City, MO - Westport Brewery

July 20th - Mansfield, OH - Inkcarceration Festival


Nestled in the creative heart of Los Angeles, LIONS AT THE GATE features an ensemble of seasoned musicians, including vocalist Cristian Machado, formerly of ILL NIÑO, alongside guitarists Diego Verduzco and Ahrue Luster, whose past stints with ILL NIÑO and MACHINE HEAD have seasoned their artistry. They are joined by bassist Stephen Brewer, previously of WESTFIELD MASSACRE, and drummer Josh Cuadra. Together, they burst onto the music scene with their electrifying debut single "Not Even Human," which rocketed to #3 on the Apple Metal charts, followed by "Bed of Nails," celebrated for its widespread acclaim on Billboard. Their debut album, The Excuses We Cannot Make, launched in August 2023, marking a bold new chapter and debuting on Billboard's Top 100, Top New Artists, and Heatseekers charts. LIONS AT THE GATE have shared stages with icons like LACUNA COIL and NITA STRAUSS and look forward to igniting the crowds at Inkcarceration 2024.

As they leave their past projects behind, these artists fully embrace their creative freedom and fresh inspiration. Machado's vocals are at their peak, masterfully blending grace and aggression, while the expert instrumentation of Verduzco, Luster, Brewer and Cuadra add dynamic layers and enhance the emotional impact of each note. The band maintains its signature heavy dynamics, anchored by powerful choruses that perfectly complement the robust rhythms of their music.

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