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Monday, June 24, 2024

Paul Di’Anno is back with new album Warhorse!


Paul Di'Anno's Warhorse announce that their self-titled debut album will be released worldwide on July 19th via BraveWords Records. "Metal" Tim Henderson of BraveWords Records, "The killer is on the loose again and original Iron Maiden singer Paul D’Anno is riding his Warhorse into new battles with eyes of fire and a fighting spirit. Wrath children pay attention!" 


Preorder Paul Di'Anno's Warhorse, with LIMITED EDITION SIGNED CARD (333 copies only):


Paul Di’Anno’s Warhorse - Here Comes The Night (Official Video)


Paul Di'Anno speaking about his new album, "Paul Di'Anno's Warhorse is my first studio project after many years of being away from the studio and not performing. I remember when we announced that we were recording an album in Croatia with completely unknown musicians, many were shocked and no one knew in which direction we would go. Warhorse exudes pure energy and reflects everything I went through while recording the album."


Hrvoje Madiraca adds, "This record is a product of hard work combined with the voice of the man, the myth and the legend of our dear Wrathchild! Old school metal you want. That s what you'll get!"


Ante Pupacic, known as "Pupi" continues, "When it comes to music, I've done all sorts of things, but I'm particularly proud of this album. Two years of work, composing, arranging, recording, editing, deleting, and so on. We went through all kinds of emotions, from euphoria to agony. Each song was carefully polished to achieve its current form. On the album, everyone added their touch, both Hrvoje and I, in terms of lyrics, music, and production, all ennobled by the powerful vocals of our legend, Paul Di'Anno."


Praise for the three song Warhorse EP with songs pulled from the full length album:


The instrumental passages are very reminiscent of the great times of the NWOBHM. - The Dark Melody


Paul sings like never before and in a way that will surprise and leave all his fans speechless. - The Dark Melody


‘Old school heavy metal has never sounded so fucking good! - Metal Gods TV


Warhorse needed to make a huge impact, and immediately – the band doing just that with more force and energy than the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs over sixty five million years ago! - Metal Gods TV


I for one fucking love it – where’s the queue start for the bands album, I wanna be right at the front! - Metal Gods TV


A red hot scorching barrage of galloping heavy metal, highly head bang-able and incredibly infectious. - Metal Gods TV


The Beast is very much back. - Music News Monthly


He has come back fighting... a stunning example of how heavy metal should be. - Music News Monthly



¸ 1. Warhorse (A. P. Pupi, H. Madiraca)

2. Get Get Ready (H. Madiraca, A. P. Pupi)

3. Go (A. P. Pupi, H. Madiraca)

4. Stop The War (H. Madiraca, A. P. Pupi)

5. The Doubt Within (A. P. Pupi, H. Madiraca)

6. Here Comes The Night (H. Madiraca, A. P. Pupi)

7. Tequila (Chuck Rio)

8. Forever Bound (A. P. Pupi, H. Madiraca)

9. Precious (Martin L. Gore)

10. Going Home (H. Madiraca, A. P. Pupi)


Produced and Arranged by Pupi and Madiraca



Paul Di´Anno – Vocals

Hrvoje Madiraca – Guitars

Ante Pupačić Pupi - Guitars


Guest Musicians:

Becky Baldwin (Bass Guitar on songs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9)

Petar Šantić (Drums on songs: 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10), (Bass guitar on song 10)

Joe Lazarus (Drums on song 1)

Andro Banovac (Backing Vocals on songs: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

Danijel Stojan (Drums on song 5)

Nikolina Belan (Backing Vocals on song 9)


Recorded in Studio Pupi

Except Drums in Studio Deva, and drums in song Warhorse - Barnyard Studio


Mix: A. P. Pupi


Mastering: Dado Marušić Deva

Except Going Home and The Doubt Within- Ante Pupačić Pupi

Photography: Dado Marušić Deva

Except Madiraca´s b/w by Nikola Brnaba


Album Cover Art / Logo Design: J.M. Navigator


About Paul Di'Anno's Warhorse:

The core of the band and founders are Paul Di'Anno, vocals, Hrvoje Madiraca, guitar and Ante Pupačić Pupi, guitar.


Paul Andrews, a British singer better known by his stage name Paul Di’Anno, his nearly half-century-long career began explosively with Iron Maiden, when with the EP ‘The Soundhouse Tapes’, and the albums ‘Iron Maiden’ and ‘Killers ‘ forever cemented the foundations of heavy metal. With timeless hits like ‘Iron Maiden’, ‘Remember Tomorrow’, ‘Running Free’, ‘Phantom of the Opera’, ‘Killers’, ‘Wratchild’, Murders in the Rue Morgue’, ‘Purgatory’ etc., they influenced numerous musicians and bands and were responsible for the creation or development of many subgenres in metal music.


Paul is known as one of the most productive singers, who has a huge number of albums and other releases behind him, either as a solo artist or a member of bands such as Gogmagog, Di’Anno’s Battlezone, Praying Mantis, Killers, Rockfellas, Architects of Chaoz or Warhorse. In all his incarnations, Paul always knew how to find a way to the fans, with numerous hits, uncompromising singing, which is confirmed by his successful career and furious live shows around the world.


For the last eight years, Paul faced serious health problems that almost ended his career, but thanks to his loyal fans, friends, Iron Maiden and his strong will to overcome the disease, Paul is on a big world tour again, and he recorded a new album with the Paul D'Anno's Warhorse band, which will be released in mid-2024 for BraveWords Records, a new label, which is also an integral part of one of the most strongest brands in heavy metal music.


This icon of heavy metal with the heart of a punk rock rebel never spared himself in his life, but he always gave everything for music and fans, which is why they have followed him faithfully for almost fifty years.


Warhorse is the original band/project of Paul Di’Anno. The first idea of forming a band arose in December 2021, when Paul and guitarist Hrvoje Madiraca met in Zagreb, Croatia. The formation and naming of this project happened simultaneously with the writing and recording of new songs, which were started immediately after Paul and Hrvoje joined hands and thus formed the band. Warhorse independently released the DVD single ‘Stop the War’ in a limited edition of 666 copies and sold it out in just a few days. This was followed by the fantastic ‘Stop the War’ lyrics video, which delighted fans around the world. The Warhorse project gathered fantastic guest musicians on some songs, and a video will be filmed for almost every song on the album. The core of the band itself is the three ‘horsemen’ Paul Di’Anno – vocals, Hrvoje Madiraca – guitars and Ante Pupačić Pupi – Guitars. Fans at Warhorse live shows can expect a live explosion, musical virtuosos and a top stage attraction. Paul Di’Anno in the stadium edition, would be the most appropriate description. Warhorse is a parallel band to his classic ‘Paul Di’Anno’ line-up and unlike his standard set list, Warhorse concerts will abound with Warhorse songs, with the addition of Iron Maiden classics and special, unexpected covers chosen by Paul Di’Anno.


About BraveWords Records:

There is a serious void which desperately needs to be filled, hard-working and creative bands that have yet to find a partnership and a mutual vision with a professional team. The music-fuelled minds behind BraveWords Records, Brian Adams, Giles Lavery, Tim Henderson and Michael Brandvold, have built the ultimate home for an artist that will take you where you want to be. Collectively, with nearly 100 years of music industry experience under our belts, the BraveWords Records team will take care of all the crucial aspects of your project from global distribution (digital and physical), publicity and media coverage (web, radio, visual), social media blanketing and streaming opportunities (such as Streaming For Vengeance). Where most labels have forgotten the concept of actually marketing a release sensibly, BraveWords Records will construct a viable and comprehensive marketing plan, including visibility at, which attracts a million visitors monthly. BraveWords Records has all senses on high alert as the music industry continues its never-ending transitioning, so the artist will always be aware of new opportunities to build their brand and strive for world domination. BraveWords will also have a focus on licensing film and TV content, both contemporary and retrospective across many genres. As artists and labels transition to the many new mediums available today for their work, BraveWords intends to stay ahead of the curve in providing and actively seeking opportunities for our roster of clients.

With the rapid spread of the world wide web, was born in 2000 and quickly became the CNN of heavy metal. With its team of global writers and photographers, the site flourished with 24/7 updated news, features, reviews, audio and video steams.

For nearly 30 years, BraveWords wears their metal heart loudly on their sleeve, as they celebrate the greatest genre of music with the most dedicated and passionate fans on the planet!


Photos: Violeta Juras and MarKo Alvarado

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