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Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Eldermoon new album


ELDERMOON Consider Their Human Existence On ‘Egregora’

The album Egregora, from Brazilian melodic death metal group Eldermoon, embodies the concept of a non-physical entity born from collective thoughts. Represented by the red moon, it narrates a story across 10 tracks. Each track delves into various eras such as primitive life, inquisition, industrial revolution, and war for resources, showcasing the essence of human existence.

The red moon’s quest for purpose offers a unique perspective on our reality, examining themes of collectivity, faith, ambition, and selflessness. The album’s narrative, set against a bittersweet and hopeful vision of the future, leaves listeners contemplating the intrinsic traits of humanity and the dichotomy between right and wrong.

Through its storytelling and visual character, 
Egregora creates an immersive experience that resonates deeply with audiences. It celebrates the power of collective thought and the profound impact it can have on shaping our world and history, ultimately inspiring a new cycle of introspection and understanding.

Track-by-track (by the band):
The Elder – Upon gaining consciousness and realizing its existence, a celestial star called “the Moon” wanders through space in search of a purpose, when it finds planet Earth still inhospitable, but about to undergo a great transformation. The Moon takes an interest and marvels at what it perceives is about to happen there, analyzing everything and considering whether to interfere.

Primal Chain – In a world that has recently sprung to life, the Moon watches human beings stand out from other life forms. This is due to the effective way in which they lead the food chain at the same time as they begin to develop their more rational instincts and feelings, making the Moon see them as worthy and gift them with the knowledge of fire.

Heart Of The Wild – After human beings develop into a higher life form and unite to do so, the power they have gained, which until then had been used for survival and the collective, begins to take other directions. Humans begin to dominate each other and the Moon begins to question whether they will be able to live in harmony with nature and what the course of humanity will be.

Priestess Of The Moon (Feat. Raíssa Ramos) – The diversity of humanity’s beliefs and faith originates. The Moon observes in particular a society of priestesses who idolize her as a symbol of harmony and connection with the Earth. She is intrigued and enchanted by their quest for knowledge in order to protect the planet, life and themselves.

Timor Incogniti – The human race begins to fear the unknown, to fear what it can’t explain, what and who deviates from consolidated dogma, and a blazing hunt begins for those who diverge from their faith and science. Among the hunted is the sisterhood of priestesses, who will not bow their heads in the face of imposition through fear.

Gears In Motion – Society is rapidly advancing technologically, extracting and using all the planet’s necessary resources for ever more superior technologies, voraciously shaping nature and its structure in order to achieve progress as quickly as possible. Humanity realizes the size of its power over the entire planet and its ambition skyrockets.

Give Me More! – The limitation of the world’s natural resources begins to frustrate men. Seized by a desire to expand their conquests, they plot and clamor to exhaust the planet’s riches, whatever the cost. Demanding that the Earth do its part to serve them, they call themselves gods on Earth.

Tomorrow In Oblivion – The planet reaches its limit, and no longer able to provide and shelter for all who reside on it, a colossal war breaks out, desperate and ambitious to seize what is left on Earth. Humanity violently fragments itself to resist selfishly, not caring what happens to the rest of the groups of people. The Moon is impressed by the chaos that the lands are becoming.

Egregora – Humanity can hardly resist the great war for resources, it finds itself in a great landscape of destruction, with all its progress and structures lost. Seeing the possibility of total extinction, the thoughts of the remaining human beings are now fiercely torn between life and death. The Moon asks the Earth if these beings are still capable of redemption and of changing their ways.

Wake Of A New Cycle – The possibility of a new cycle of life begins, the Moon reflects on the possibilities of humanity restarting with the knowledge they still have left to rebuild and whether they have understood where and how they went wrong. Society is working together towards a new era and the Moon ponders the beauty of life, which always welcomes those who seek harmony. Whether the same mistakes will be made, the Moon waits and watches intently where it has always been.

Deusa da Lua (Japan Bonus Track) – The Moon understands that she is seen as a deity in various legends, and takes an interest in a people who see her as Jaci, the great savior of the nights, the lands and fortune. She interacts with and greets these beings, connecting with them and bringing them an swers so that they can triumph fairly and respectfully on Earth.

01. The Elder | 02. Primal Chain | 03. Heart Of The Wild | 04. Priestess Of The Moon (Feat. Raíssa Ramos) | 05. Timor Incogniti | 06. Gears In Motion | 07. Give Me More | 08. Tomorrow In Oblivion | 09. Egregora | 10. Wake Of A New Cycle | 11. Deusa Da Lua (Japan Bonus Track)

Egregora | Released July 30th, 2024 via Sliptrick Records

Eldermoon are:
Alex Biembengut – Vocals | Allan Estalk – Guitars/Backing Vocals | Alan Sanglard – Guitars | Fabio Conelli – Bass

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick

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