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Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Mojo Thunder releases single from new album










Kentucky's renegade rock and rollers Mojo Thunder will release their sophomore album The Infinite Hope on Friday 16 August 2024. The second single, "Step by Step” debuts today. 

Stream the new single HERE. Watch the “Step By Step” music video HERE.

Pre-order The Infinite Hope on CD and vinyl HERE. Pre-save the digital album HERE.

“Step by Step” is an incredibly catchy tune written by Mojo Thunder’s lead singer and rhythm guitarist Sean Sullivan. Bursting with pop sensibilities, “Step by Step” finds a way to turn despair and loneliness into a triumphant stadium-ready anthem.

"Step By Step is about the duality of desiring to be with someone, but also not knowing what to do once you have them,” says Sullivan. “It’s about the fear and anxiety of being alone or not being enough. It's a reminder that you must keep moving forward, putting one foot in front of the other."

Drummer Zac Shoopman adds, "It's probably the first song that indicated a real shift in direction. Step By Step ticks off a lot of boxes that we were yearning for."

From Sullivan's vocal delivery, the infectious guitar lines played by Bryson Willoughby, and the steady groove heavy rhythm section supplied by Zac Shoopman and bass guitarist Andrew Brockman we would agree "Step by Step" does indeed ticks off a lot of boxes.

Band portrait by Ali Ann Photography

Comprised of Bryson Willoughby (guitar), Sean Sullivan (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Zac Shoopman (drums) and Andrew Brockman (bass) — The Infinite Hope explores topics such activism ("Caroline"), tragedy ("Memphis") the dark side of the American south ("Holy Ghost”) and searching for truth ("Greetings from Western Art").

Getting a sense of the band's message and morality it's easy to find yourself rooting for them. Mojo Thunder is a rock band built for underdogs and the disenfranchised; perhaps because that's who they are. The Infinite Hope's 10 tracks feel like a secret kept amongst friends. There's a sense of belonging, and as the album title suggests, a call for hope.

Guitarist Bryson Willoughby says, "I think we all grew up feeling like outsiders. I didn't enjoy that, and being conscious of that feeling, we've done our best to build a welcoming community to all walks of life.  Everybody is welcome to our party."

Reflecting on the growth of the band from their debut release, Shoopman says, "To not be pigeonholed into one genre is highly rewarding."

The album was produced by Duane Lundy (Ringo Starr, Justin Wells, Sturgill Simpson) at The Lexington Recording Co in Lexington, Kentucky. 

"We all shared the desire to do things as a unit, to perform, to capture as many dynamics as possible, and emotion in the performances, but still putting the priority on the songs," says Lundy about the recording process. "The lyrics are thoughtful and meaningful, something that I feel like is often slighted in current rock material. My main takeaway was the quality of people they are.  Their invitation meant a great deal to me. I feel like I have four new family members."

The Infinite Hope – Track Listing

The Sun Still Rises (4:28) 

Coming Back to You (4:46)  

Step by Step (3:25) 

Let it Fall (4:00) 

Holy Ghost (3:09) 

Memphis (5:04) 

Caroline (4:45) 

Gettin' On a Binge (4:17) 

Grace (4:44) 

Greetings from Western Art (7:37) 

Produced by Duane Lundy with Mojo Thunder

Mixed by Duane Lundy 

Album art by Chancit Jeffords 

In support of the record the band will perform a select run of Kentucky concerts leading up to its release prior to embarking on a month-long European tour that includes stops in Germany, France, Spain and more. Tickets are available from

Mojo Thunder – 2024 European Tour

Sept. 20 – Dortmund, DE – Blue Notez e.V.

Sept. 21 – Besançon, FR – Bar de l'U

Sept. 22 – Chambéry, FR – Brin de Zinc

Sept. 25 – Barcelona, ESP – Razz 3

Sept. 26 – Castelló De La Plana, ESP – Because

Sept. 27 – Girona, ESP – Mirorock Festival

Sept. 28 – Orihuela, ESP – Sala La Gramola

Sept. 29 – Jurez De La Frontera, ESP – La guarida del Angel

Oct. 1 – Ourense, ESP – Café Auriense

Oct. 2 – León, ESP – Babylon

Oct. 3 – La Coruña, ESP – Mardi Gras

Oct. 4 – Avilés, ESP – La Factoria Cultural

Oct. 6 – Vitoria-Gasteiz, ESP – Urban Rock Concept

Oct. 10 – Heilbronn, DE – WaldHaus eV Heilbronn

Oct. 11 – Kufstein, AUT – Kufa

Oct. 12 – Singwitz, DE – Kesselhaus

Oct. 13 – Burglengenfeld, DE – VAZ

Oct. 15 – Bratislava, SVK – Muzeum Obchodu

Oct. 18 – Altlandsberg, DE – Buchholz Saloon

Oct. 19 – Joldelund, DE – Gerd's Juke Joint

Oct. 22 – Bremen, DE – Meisenfrei

Oct. 23 – Hamburg, DE – Cowboy und Indianers

Oct. 24 – Hamburg, DE – Club Am Donnerstag

Oct. 25 – Krefeld, DE – Kulturrampe

Oct. 27 – Weert, NL – De Bosuil

Mojo Thunder - Biography

Mojo Thunder is an American rock band from Kentucky composed of Bryson Willoughby (Lead Guitar) Sean Sullivan (vocals, guitar), Andrew Brockman (bass), and Zac Shoopman (drums).

The boys are seated under the shade of a family tree that bears its fruit on the branches of Kings of Leon, and the Black Crowes; deeply rooted in an unwavering respect for Lynyrd Skynyrd and Led Zeppelin. 

Established in 2018, Mojo Thunder hit the road and quickly gained attention of live music fans with an electrifying show praised for its high energy, heavy grooves, improvised jams, and a familiar, yet new sound. Early studio efforts include two singles, and an EP titled Loose Lipsreleased 9 June 2019. 

The debut Hymns from the Electric Church was released on May 24th, 2021. Classic Rock Magazine described it as, "a stunner; a sun-dappled potpourri of everything good and true about American rock’n’roll, from crunching hard rock to soulful blues, from breezy cosmic Americana to head-bopping summertime arena-rock anthems." It received a 9/10 review. 

On 7 March 2023, the band released the live album Alive, with Friends that showcased the explementary qualities of the band's live performance. It features guest appearances and extended versions of songs spanning from the first single through Hymns from the Electric Church. Recorded over two nights in Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky, fans were invited to be a part of the band's hometown audience. Supplemental videos from the performances, including non-album material, were released on the band's YouTube channel. 

The sophomore album, The Infinite Hope is released 16 August 2024. Fans of rock music will be pleased to see a return to familiar sounds while also ambitiously reaching for new heights. The southern American working-class ethos is put on full display with the newest release as it's made clear that this is a band that will continue to grow and evolve. 

Genre: Modern Rock, Alternative Rock, Southern Rock.



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