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Saturday, July 6, 2024

Ritchie Newton drops new music


Some people seize every moment of their lives, refuse to compromise, and boldly face every challenge. One such person is Ritchie Newton. As a skilled musician, singer, author, and entertainer, as well as the initiator of the Metalheads Forever Rockcast Show, he embodies the depth of commitment one can have towards artistic ambitions. To mark his fortieth stage anniversary, Ritchie Newton has launched several projects.

The first of these is the release of "Moments," a lovingly reworked EP that compiles works created in close collaboration with guitarist, composer, and producer Oliver Zangl, complemented by music videos released through NRT-Records.

The EP “Moments” by Ritchie Newton encompasses a wide range of emotional and thematic aspects, musically reflecting deep human experiences and emotions.
The opening hard rocker “Back to the Wall” deals with the theme of battling adversity, symbolized by standing with one's back against the wall. This representation echoes the universal human experience of fighting through tough times, showing resilience, and ultimately triumphing over personal and collective challenges.

Supported by the complex and gripping compositions of Oliver Zangl, “Back to the Wall” offers a determined introduction to Ritchie Newton's work, moving seamlessly between classic hard rock and melodic classic metal.

The personally autobiographical “Flying High” clearly showcases the stylistic diversity of “Moments” and captures the highs and lows of life, with the metaphorical portrayal of flying and falling illustrating the cyclical nature of human experiences of success and failure. A mix of folk and acoustic rock, the song speaks of the relentless pursuit of personal growth and the inevitable setbacks everyone encounters along the way.

The traditional rock ’n’ roll song “Boogie Man (Doin' The Best I Can)” explores the theme of personal freedom and self-expression. The song celebrates the unrestrained, creative life that defies conventions while maintaining a deep connection to one’s art and identity, combining classic 70s rock with a twist of Little Richard.

The piano-driven ballad “Falling” deals with the intense feelings of love and loss in a bluesy character, telling a universal story of deep emotional bonds and the painful moments of heartbreak. The complexity of relationships and the emotional depths they bring are particularly emphasized in this song.

The restrained rocker “The One” reflects on the quest for connection and the longing for a meaningful relationship. The song speaks of the struggles and moments of clarity in love, where the search for the one true bond can mean both challenge and redemption.

Finally, the solid hard rocker “Born to Rock” with its anthemic character underscores the unwavering dedication to music and the life motto of a rock musician. The song embodies the rebellious spirit and the pursuit of living authentically and following one's destiny without compromise, representing a personal experience of Ritchie Newton.

Ritchie Newton was born on December 7, 1964, in Straubing, Lower Bavaria, and developed an early sense of music through his grandfather, a professional musician—an art form that practically runs in his veins. Despite his diverse professional career as a chef, BMW assembly line worker, scaffolder, and more, his passion for music remained unwavering.

As early as 1974, as a young drummer in the Oberalteich marching band, Ritchie began gaining his first experiences in the music world. Two years later, in 1976, he first appeared as a singer by performing the Elvis Presley classic “His Latest Flame” in front of his school class.

In 1980, Ritchie gained his first live and studio experiences with the German rock band Rozzloeffel. These early stage experiences shaped him and prepared him for a career deeply rooted in the rock and heavy metal scenes. In 1983, he founded his first heavy metal band, Lucifer, and further established himself in the music scene. In 1986, he released his first single "Pleasure of Life / Woman in Doubt" as Ritchie V.

Another significant milestone in his career was his contribution to the well-known Regensburg hard rock band MASS in 1987, where he had the opportunity to perform with metal legend Rage and others. The following year, 1988, he founded the speed metal band Pussy Lover and released the single "I See Rainbows in Your Eyes / Lights Out in Hollywood." This year also marked the beginning of a more productive phase, during which Ritchie toured throughout Europe.

In 1992, Ritchie founded the heavy metal band Hellfire and simultaneously started his own catering service, Ritchie's Catering, through which he cooked for music greats like Fats Domino and Suzi Quatro.

During the 1990s, Ritchie further expanded his musical repertoire and founded the biker band Georgia Molly Gang in 1994, with which he performed at many major festivals.

In 1996, Ritchie released the album “Süchtig” under the name Rocka Ritch. The album, featuring elements of regional rock in Bavarian dialect, was produced by Willie Duncan, the guitarist of the Spider Murphy Gang, and released by Tollton Records. At that time, Ritchie Newton was managed by Rainer Hackl, who today manages Hans Klock. To promote this album, Ritchie Newton toured Bavaria with Schinderhannes (Hannes Ringlstetter).

In 1997, his life took a dramatic turn when he emigrated to Thailand and restarted his career as an Elvis tribute artist. In the following years, he enjoyed great success, touring countries such as Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and many more. His musical releases, including the album “All Due Respect” in 2004 and “Rock the Heaven” in 2015, as well as several books he published between 2013 and 2019, attest to his tireless creativity and deep connection to music.

In 2020, Ritchie decided to take a creative break and temporarily left the live stage to take on new challenges as a host and producer. He started the successful Rockcast show Metalheads Forever. This new phase of his life once again demonstrated his versatility and insatiable passion for music.

"In 2023, Ritchie Newton signed a contract with the German independent label NRT-Records. This label will not only re-release the EP 'Moments' in a remastered version but also his books 'Das Land der Liebeskasper' and 'Die Angst, ihn zu verlieren'.

The former will also be released as an audiobook. Currently, Ritchie Newton is working on completing his upcoming album "Higher Power," which is expected to be released in late 2024 as a limited vinyl edition, on CD, and digitally through NRT-Records.

For the studio recordings of the new album “Higher Power” in Jakarta, the ensemble consists of Iwan May on guitar, Dandy on drums, Dodi on bass, and Reyfan Lapaehe on keyboard. The album production also features outstanding guest musicians:

Markus Pfeffer, known from Lazarus Dream and Atlantis Drive, contributes his guitar skills, as do Tobias Dorner from Jester’s Tears and Frank Pané and Hans Ziller from Bonfire

Boris Matakovic from Human Zoo enchants with his saxophone, while Jimmy Katone, known from Hit The Ground Runnin', provides rhythm on drums. Armin Sabol complements the ensemble with his guitar, and Dave Slaat from Crowheart plays the keyboard, enriching the album with a multi-layered and dynamic sound.

For 2025, Ritchie Newton is planning an extensive tour that will take him across europe, including austria, germany, amongst other countries.

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