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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Album Review: Angel - A Woman's Diary Pt II

A Woman's Diary Pt II
Available on CD and digital from Massacre Records. July 2020.

Former Trail of Tears vocalist Helena Iren Michaelsen's life is turned into a music album that is full of life's sorrows and questions on this project's part II. Does it make for a good album? Er, no. Not really.
Credit to Angel for choosing to do such an emotive concept record. It's been a few years since Part 1 so we're not sure if people want a Part II now? Fans of the original will though possibly.

It all just comes across a bit gloomy, self-important and worthy. I'm sure she lyrics are all very poignant and thought-provoking in their intimacy with the human condition but it just doesn't seem to make for a good musical work. Over-produced in places, under-produced and raw in others. The sounds don't gel well enough and the album as a whole comes across as a sort of female-fronted meatloaf tribute. Operatic and over-indulgent sometimes, the album sounds like an album Katherine Jenkins would make if she was shagging a metal guitarist. It just isn't great to listen to and kinda depressing. 2/10

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