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Saturday, June 13, 2020

HRH Psych unveiled

HRH Unveil Brand New 2-Day, 3-Stage Musical Trip Known as HRH Psych - A Truly Unique Event Which Will Make its Debut on April 17 & 18, 2021 at the Iconic Liverpool Arts Club.

For those of you who love to dream - to experiment – and take a journey with an underground style of sound & vision - welcome to the very first HRH Psych. A truly unique 2-day, 3-arena trip which will make its debut at the iconic Liverpool Arts Club which has its very own weird history to complement the randomness of this new HRH adventure.

Take the very best of all ends of the psych-rock spectrum, add in some stoner, acid, fuzz and experimental sounds and you have a musical sensation waiting to be unleashed over 3 stages – The Psych Stage, The Stoner Stage and The Garage, Experimental and New Psych Sounds Stage.

Immerse yourself for 2 days and witness over 40 bands performing some amazing sounds and experimental journeys that will take any music lover out of their comfort zone. This is for people in the know and those who want to plunge themselves into unchartered musical territory.

Originally the meeting place for the Liverpool Royal Institute – the first-ever arts institution outside London – the Liverpool Arts Club was built in the 19th century, and we are humbled to bring some of the greatest talent from around Europe to this incredible venue where they will be trailblazing the way on the inaugural HRH Psych trip…

Born in 2009, German 3-piece Electric Moon will headline the Saturday at HRH Psych - having risen to the top of the European acid rock scene with their psychedelic mix of progressive and space rock.  19 albums into their cosmic career, Komet, Sula and Pablo pride themselves on creating a unique symbiosis between the band members, the music and the audience, reaching a timeless state of mind together.  Latest release Beacon Light Hereafter (a split release with Terminal Cheesecake) is 21 minutes of awesome heavy psych which furthers their reputation as a leader in their tripped-out genre!

Taking to the main stage as our Sunday headliner at HRH Psych will be Øresund Space Collective  - a truly unique band from Denmark and Sweden who pride themselves on having no songs or pre-constructed rhythms – a purely improvised set of space rock inspired by the likes of Hawkwind, Ozric Tentacles, Gong and many more.  We can’t be more psyched about this announcement, as this will be only the second time they have played the UK in a  long career covering 10 albums (with another on its way!) in a little over 15 years.

The uncompromising London noise rock trio Part Chimp, with nods to boundary pushing artists from the 60s to the present day, will deliver the heaviest of fuzz laden heavy psych rock. They carry the reputation as one of the loudest bands on the scene, but mostly laid dormant after 2009 - finally returning in 2017 with a new album “IV” to critical acclaim - perfectly balancing crushing and intense riffs with undeniable melodies.

Once described as creating the sound that Saturn’s rings would make, Glaswegians The Cosmic Dead emerged from the cosmic void in 2010 with a penchant for space rock fed on a diet of magic beans and Buckfast.  Their first album to feature a new lineup came out in last year – “Scottish Space Race“ is their 8th and is a double-disc 75-minute masterclass in psych and space rock, and we can't wait for the lads to head down to England in April!

Leading the way on the Stoner stage are Bristolians Gonga who’s output is a must-own for the discerning stoner-rock connoisseur. The instrumental power-trio have been creating landscapes for our ears for over 15 years, and their favourite colour is black or green, they don’t seem to be able to decide!  They did, however, decide to recruit Beth Gibbons of Portishead to record a stunning version of Black Sabbath (which was given the title Black SabBeth…) which you can enjoy right now…should you choose to do so – which you should…

Newcastle based experimental Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska are notorious throughout the modern psych scene and celebrated for their style by psych aficionados and critics alike. The band are known to move from deep earthly drones to incredible explosions of intensely experimental sonic traversing as is expertly demonstrated on the recent live release “ทะเลทราย”.

Gorilla are an absolute monster of a trio combining the raw power of The Stooges and MC5 with the massive weight of a Sabbath riff; add to that a healthy splash of Kilmister too for the very best doped up filthy rock’n’roll the UK has to offer right now.  As they put it themselves, they f**k the safety net and create maximum riff mania…

If that wasn’t enough for any psych or stoner fan, we are blown away to be able to announce that space-rock legend Harvey Bainbridge will join us for an intimate solo show on the Experimental Stage.  The British bassist and keyboard player played with Sonic Assassins, Hawkwind and Hawklords in a long and still very active career.

Also joining us over the weekend will be BB Blackdog and Friends – we can’t confirm just yet who BB’s friends are exactly, but he assures us they are plentiful and legendary!

The incredible lineup for the very first HRH Psych is completed by Dead Sea Apes, Helicon, Psychic Lemon, Sendelica, Sonic Trip Project, Thee Telepaths, Red Spektor, Deepshade, DoctoR DooM, Fire Down Below, Gryflet, Psychlona, Madmess, Master Charger, Woven Man, Stew, Amon Acid, Black Tempest, Estuary Blacks, Halo Noose, Infinity Forms Of Yellow Remember, Mue, Road Trip, Stingray Fever, Tom Slatter, Strangelove, Tape Noise, The Ornots and last but certainly not least The Telephones.

In true psych festival tradition, we will have some specially commissioned artwork available on the day by Brett Savage of Dead Sea Apes which will be available over the weekend together with some stunning HRH Psych merch too.

Todd Severin, President and CEO of Ripple Music (Psychlona, Fire Down Below, Stew, DoctoR DooM) had this to say about the very first HRH Psych: “One thing that makes the whole underground scene so special is the sense of community that knows no national boundaries.   This can’t be demonstrated any better than with HRH and Atom Heart Mutha reaching out to bring four bands from four nations, all signed to an American Rock label, to the UK for one massive heavy psych festival.  That’s the worldwide community of heavy”.

HRH Psych will take place at the legendary Liverpool Arts Club on 17th and 18th April 2021 and is now on sale. Royalty packages have their own class hotel on the doorstep as well as a private booth, bar and balcony in the main arena.  Weekend passes are launched at 30 GBP with no booking fee to get you in the mood. This trip is for the “Thousand Only” crew that know what they want and are ready to journey into the unknown and find out what HRH Psych is all about - a dream clad community in their very own utopia.  All aboard!

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