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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

ROX Network Newsblast 8 July 2020

UK symphonic metal band DAMNATION ANGELS have released their new single & music video for  "A Sum Of Our Parts". The track is taken from their impending third album ‘Fiber Of Our Being‘, which is due for release on 31st July 2020. The music video was directed by Sitcom Soldiers (The Darkness, Feeder). The video can be viewed here:

The new single can be digital ordered here:

Google Play

DAMNATION ANGELS have recently released a music video for the title track ‘Fiber Of Our Being‘: and lyric video for 'More Than Human'

The album is the first to feature vocal powerhouse Iggy Rod (Azeroth) and bassist Nic Southwood who joined after the release of the album “The Valiant Fire“. Alongside the release will be the bands first ever music video, directed by Sitcom Soldiers (The DarknessFeeder). 2020 promises to be their biggest year yet.

Probably the best symphonic metal album you’ll hear all year. 4.5/5.0 - Wimps And Posers

Powerplay Magazine UK 9/10

The partnership of good mixing and good song-writing lends so much more weight to this album, elevating it to another level from previous releases. - Über Röck

Elegance of workmanship, thrilling melodies, a combination of tradition and modernity is something that distinguishes the composer’s genius 10/10 - Metal Melodic Sound


Track list:

1. More Than Human
2. Railrunner
3. Fiber Of Our Being
4. Our Last Light
5. Rewrite The Future
6. Fractured Amygdala
7. Greed And Extinction
8. Remnants Of A Dying Star
9. A Sum Of Our Parts

The new album can be pre-ordered here:

Digital pre-order links:

Google Play:
Apple music:

In 2020 DAMNATION ANGELS returns with their highly anticipated new album “Fiber Of Our Being” which was mixed and mastered by Scott Atkins at Grindstone Studios (Cradle Of FilthVaderAmon Amarth). The cover art was made by Sabercore23art.


William Graney – Lead Guitar, backing vocals, synth/orchestration
Iggy Rodriguez – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
John Graney – Drums
Nic Southwood – Bass, Backing vocals

With a nifty brand of gothy symphonic metal, I sense that greatness awaits” Bruce Dickinson

Formed in Britain late 2006, DAMNATION ANGELS set out to create a new benchmark in symphonic metal.

The band began by releasing their debut e.p Shadow Symphony in 2009, receiving rave reviews from critics stating that the band are “the brightest spark to emerge upon the UK scene in a very long time” and are “comparable with mega acts such as Avantasia and Blind Guardian“. Following the release the band struck a deal with Radtone Records (Japan) and released their debut album “Bringer Of Light” in Japan. A worldwide release followed in 2013 when the band struck a multi album deal with Massacre Records (Germany).

Bringer Of Light gained acclaim and topped Amazon charts worldwide, breaking into the top 100 downloads for all music in Germany. The success and reception of Bringer Of Light propelled the band to play outside of the UK for the very first time at the prestigious ProgPower USA Festival and a European tour with Andromeda.

The bands follow up album “The Valiant Fire” was released in 2015 followed by back to back European tours with progmetal legends Threshold. The album again received rave reviews, featured in magazines and press with Metal Hammer‘s Dom Lawson stating “The gleaming grandeur of new album “The Valiant Fire” marking them out as meticulous masters of the form“.

Too many of us have sat back and watched, or looked away, as faces in our communities were wiped from history; disproportionately affected by police violence and systemic racism. Too often we have seen our Black, Brown, Native American and First Nations brothers and sisters killed through unnecessary police violence. While this has become an international issue in the last few months, racism has been a fact of daily life for millions around the world.
Voices from across the Metal and Punk spectrum have united to not only speak out against racism and in support of those who are in the streets actively demonstrating, but work to actively support a fight all of us must take on.

We feel that the time has come for members of the Metal and Punk scenes to offer material support to the struggle against racism and for equality, engaging with our brothers and sisters in the streets who are out in front of the conversation against pervasive prejudice and systemic racism. While many of us are in the streets supporting these causes it became apparent that we could amplify the voice of those who are most at risk by using our platform as musicians.

To that end, thirty bands from across the extreme music world have come together via OVERGROW TO OVERTHROW, a digital compilation to be released on July 3, 2020 featuring the following artists:

Aerial Ruin
Chaos Moon
Chat Pile
Cloud Rat
Dawn Ray’d
Deviated Instinct
Falls of Rauros
Hag Graef
Hornet Murmuration
Human Failure
Outlaw Order
Ripped to Shreds
Throne of Blood
Tired of Everything

The following was provided by one of the artists featured on Overgrow to Overthrow, and clearly outlines why we are doing this:

"I am a person of color who lives in Minneapolis and a featured musician on this compilation.
I love this city and its culture, but it would be dishonest not to acknowledge the segregation that still permeates this city. I see it in a geopolitical sense, but also in the hearts and minds of people I speak to here. The death of George Floyd has filled us all with grief; everyone other than those with the most extreme racist beliefs can watch the video and immediately recognize it as a comprehensive moral failing.

With that in mind, I want to emphasize that George Floyd's death is not an anomaly, and that the problem exists on a larger scale than whether four particular Minneapolis police officers are convicted. This same incident plays out at least once a week somewhere in the United States, and it is usually not brought to national attention like this. The outrage is usually less vocal because there is some plausible deniability: the video shakes or wavers for a second and we can't quite see what happened, or the victim yelled something threatening, or the police told the bystanders to stop filming, or sometimes the body cameras are turned off, or sometimes there simply isn't footage at all. But it is happening in our world all the same, and what we all saw transpire on May 25, 2020 is an uncensored vision of the culture we have created.

If I could ask one thing to everyone who would listen, I would say: the next time this happens (and it will happen again), will we allow our friends and colleagues to follow the beaten path of preying on the deniability, steering the conversation toward the deceased's criminal history and asking whether they were on drugs or trespassing or didn't put their hands up fast enough? Will we play that role of devil's advocate ourselves, even while knowing that we are defending an institution of immense power, whose labor union will all but guarantee its officers stay out of jail, keep their jobs and receive back pay regardless of whether they have committed a wrong? Or will we dare to question the status quo, even when the cameras aren't rolling, and lend a voice to our fallen fellow man who no longer has a voice to tell his story?

How we answer this question will shape our communities for generations. If we don't answer correctly, I believe the worst may be yet to come."

‘Overgrow to Overthrow’ will launch on July 3rd, 2020 via Bindrune Recording’s Bandcamp. ( )

New tracks were provided by Aerial Ruin, Chaos Moon, Detractors, Hag Graef, Human Failure (members of Akasha), Inexorum, Krieg, Nori (members of Axis of Light), Obsequiae, Throne of Blood, Tvær, Uprising, Vukari, and Woe.

Covers were provided by Hornet Murmuration (members of Kostnatění covering Dead Kennedys’ “Drug Me”) & Ripped To Shreds (Unholy Grave’s “No Racial Superiority!”).
Remixes, live cuts, and re-recorded tracks from Agathocles, Alda, Chat Pile, Cloud Rat, Dawn Ray’d, Deviated Instinct, Doom, Falls of Rauros, Krallice, Outlaw Order, Panopticon, Thou, and Tired of Everything.

Mastering services provided by Colin Marston (Behold… The Arctopus, Dysrhythmia, Krallice).

Art provided by Nate Burns (Revolting Worship).

All proceeds will be donated to:
*Black Lives Matter - Over-arching movement to combat racism and fight for social justice in the US and Canada.

*Life After Hate - A nonprofit in the US that seeks to combat racism by providing resources to help people leave racist movements, as well as help de-radicalize violent Far Right extremists.

*Stand Up To Racism - A UK based nonprofit that is focused on organizing against Racism throughout the country.

Demonstrating their rough sound in previous EP Bonehead, finnish stoner-rock group Rückwater is about to release their debut album Supernova. The album provides a mixture from heavy rockin songs to a more mellow tunes. The power-trio’s sound comes from heavy riffs combined with two lead singers and a dynamic drummer.


The story of Rückwater started in 2010 when the loudest men in the band Make (vocals/guitar) and Jussi (vocals/bass) hit their stonehead`s together. Make`s brother Jape was a natural choice for drums, after all the brothers have played together for years.

The idea was just play some covers (Alice In ChainsPantera etc) and have a good time, but after few jamsessions there was already some own songs. Playing together just clicked in natural and groovy way. In 2011 band went to studio to record several songs in ”So far Out..-sessions. When the band members other bands went on hiatus or ended, Rückwater kept on going forward. In the year 2013 the band recorded their second EP ”What´s In The Box?”.

In early 2016 Rückwater begin to record their third EP “Bonehead”. It was recorded live like the first EP “So Far Out”. Recording live is the most natural thing for the band. To catch the essence of Rückwater. It makes the record feel more raw, real and dynamic. Frustration about almost everything is maybe the main source for the whole record, you can hear it in the lyrics and the way the band plays.


After the release of Bonehead, Rückwater continued doing little tours like in Baltia and started to plan their next recording session. The idea was to finally make a full lenght album. The band booked the same studio and sound engineer as in Bonehead and started to record their debut album Supernova. The album was recorded live, to catch the groove of the band. The album is set to be released on July 23rd 2020 by Inverse Records.

PRE-SAVE Supernova album on Spotify:  

Track list:
01. Rat in a Jar
02. Cruel Thing
03. Supernova
04. Once More With Feeling
05. Broken Stone
06. Foreverplay
07. Blindfold
08. Paragon of B.S
09. Rocket Fuel
10. 3/1


Jussi Vehman / vocals & bass
Markku MacKone / vocals & guitar
Jarno MacKone / drums

Proggers LUFEH Share New Video “My World”

New Album “Luggage Falling Down” Out Now!

Gera Penna– Keys, Duca Tambasco – Bass, Dennis Atlas – Vocals, Teo Dornellas – Guitar, Lufeh Batera – Drums

Sophisticated, progressive, and refined, Los Angeles based progressive metallers Lufeh (a band of both Brazilian and American musicians) creates an enjoyable experience, meandering through jazz styles, heavy metal foundations, and rhythmic Brazilian influences. The mind expanded sonic journey is something new and interesting to listen to.

Released in April of 2020, “Luggage Falling Down” was a trying, yet successful first recording for these recently banded musicians who lived together for two weeks throughout the process. Having lost the original singer a month before recording began, the intrepid bunch found hope with Dennis Atlas who fell in step with the rest of the band immediately. This bond between the members can be seen in their videos along with their high energy and knack for performing.

“Luggage Falling Down” is a unique melodic story that continues to be demonstrated with their next video for the track “My World”. Drummer Lufeh Batera shares his thoughts on the track:

"'My World' offers a different side of the Lufeh / Luggage Falling Down sound. It’s almost a power ballad but with the rollercoaster twist and turns of a Prog Metal band. The song features a Phrygian dominant chord structure, a bulbul tarang solo, a shredding guitar solo, a funk break down, and lyrics that focus heavily on doing the right thing. The song could be described as 'if a 20-minute Prog epic could take place over the course of a standard 4.5-minute rock song'.”

"My World" can be seen on YouTube HERE.

For fans of Dream Theater, Incubus, and Haken, Lufeh is smooth and rhythmic progressive metal; heavy chords followed by light melodies and the occasional crazy guitar solo.

The new album “Luggage Falling Down” is available for stream and download on Lufehband.bandcamp.comSpotifyApple Music.

Previous Videos:
'The Unknown' here.
'Find My Way' here.
'The Edge' here.

Track Listing:
1. Find My Way (4:25)
2. The Unknown (3:36)
3. Doors (4:06)
4. Trial of Escapade (4:24)
5. My World (4:52)
6. End of The Road (4:05)
7. Escape (4:03)
8. The Edge (4:04)
Album Length: 33:39

Album Credits:
All songs performed by:
Gera Penna – Keys;
Duca Tambasco – Bass
Dennis Atlas – Vocals
Teo Dornellas – Guitar
Lufeh Batera - Drums  
All songs lyrics written by: Josh Kim
Produced by: Gera Penna
Mixed by: Adair Daumfebach
Mastered by: Adair Daumfebach
Album Artwork by: Gera Penna

Album and Live Band Line Up:
Gera Penna – Keys;
Duca Tambasco – Bass
Dennis Atlas – Vocals
Teo Dornellas – Guitar
Lufeh Batera - Drums

For more info:
Instagram @lufehband 



Lufeh is a musical collaboration of excellent Brazilian and American musicians brought together by drummer Batera Lufeh. Lufeh himself has had a successful career performing with many famous Brazilian bands and artists, including one of the most well known Christian rock bands of its style, Oficina G3, among others. In 2008, he recorded his first solo album “Drummed On Classics”, which uniquely combined a mix of classical pieces with progressive rock drumming.

Since moving to the U.S. in 2014, Lufeh has continued his career as a musician, starting in Florida, where he performed with Kristo Reggae and Big Pine Band. Lufeh participated in the Blue Man Group Drum-Off in 2016, where he was awarded the privilege to take part in its grand finale in Las Vegas, and chosen as one of the top five drummers in the contest. He then moved to Los Angeles, CA, where he became the official drummer of Kenny Shipman.

Now, in 2020, Lufeh is an entire unit moving forward with the addition of Gera Penna (keyboard); Duca Tambasco (bass); Dennis Atlas (vocals);  and Teo Dornellas (guitar) who have proven to be a great match. The band recently released the highly-anticipated second album “Luggage Falling Down”, a solid record of Brazilian influenced groovy progressive metal, which has received great praise from reviewers, calling it a mix between Brazilian music, Rush, and Dream Theater.

The album is both melodic and highly energetic and aggressive. With a strong foundation in jazz and classical musicality, the band brings a metal edge to a unique melodic story. These progressive metal warriors have become tycoons of song structure and, throughout the album, display highly refined expertise in making music that is captivating to listen to, addictively technical, and uplifting.

“Luggage Falling Down” was released on April 17, 2020 and is available on all major digital platforms.

Robert Jon & The Wreck
are ready to tear up the UK. Following the release of their acclaimed studio album Last Light On The Highway, the California based band will tour the UK in May 2021. A 48-hour Planet Rock Pre-Sale starts on Wednesday 8th July at 9am from Tickets go on general sale on Friday 10th July at 9am via, and

The second single from the album “Do You Remember” will be released on Friday 10th July and will be accompanied by a music video.

Robert Jon & The Wreck is comprised of Robert Jon Burrison (lead vocals and guitar), Andrew Espantman (drums and background vocals), Steve Maggiora (keyboards and background vocals), Henry James (lead guitar and background vocals), and Warren Murrel (bass).

With Robert Jon & The Wreck, the Southern rock resurgence is shining brighter than ever before. This blues and country-infused rock ’n’ roll quintet have consistently delivered soaring solos, boogieing grooves, and arguably perfect tunes since debuting with 2011’s Fire Started. RJTW’s latest LP, Last Light on the Highway, provides yet another heaping helping of stellar Southern Blues Rock.

The band have received with accolades and rave reviews for years now, from nominations of “Best Rock” and “Best Blues” and winning the title of “Best Live Band” at the Orange County Music Awards in 2013, to numerous top 10 chart placement on Southern Rock Brazil’s Top 20 Albums to being praised as “Classic and fresh at the same time” by Rock The Best Music, “Raising the bar for the Southern genre” by Blues Rock Review, and “keeping the history of classic 60’s and 70’s rock alive for newer generations” by Blues legend Joe Bonamassa.

Robert Jon & The Wreck have supported Joe Bonamassa, Buddy Guy, Eric Gales, Living Color, Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Walter Trout, Rival Sons, Robert Randolph, Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real, The Cadillac Three, Black Stone Cherry, Devon Allman, Billy Sheehan, Sturgill Simpson, and many more.

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