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Thursday, August 20, 2020

ROX Newsblast 20 August 2020.

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Interviews with King King, Voodoo Six and Thrasherwolf!

Today, the wolves of VARG release their second pagan metal single 'Auf die Götter' (engl. To The Gods), cut from the upcoming album, 'Zeichen', to be released on September 18 via Napalm Records. Along with an artful conceptualized official music video, the track relates to the Viking era and the tradition of worshipping miscellaneous gods, but also to the band’s past.

Shot in an ancient druid grove, the audio-visual embeds the music into the perfect surrounding and atmosphere. Freki’s cutting vocals merge with powerful guitar riffs and a melody that gets stuck in your head! VARG has never forgotten their pagan metal roots and this track marks their pure heritage as they return with full musical power!

Singer Freki states:
"We decided to release "Auf die Götter" (engl. To The Gods) as the second single, because it helps our fans to dive deeper into the concept of our new album Zeichen (engl. signs). Before Christianisation, the Nordic mythology had a dominant impact on Viking culture. Gods as Odin, Thor, Loki and Freya embodied the center of belief. 'Auf die Götter' refers to this ancient belief and to the traditions within."

On their authentic masterpiece 'Zeichen', the wolves of VARG return to their roots and embark on a journey further down a new road. Within the first seconds of the album opener breaking loose, VARG draws the listener into the year “793” that heralded the ferocious era of the Vikings. In contrast, "Fara Til Ranar", including additional female vocals, is a melancholic, captivating saga about the Nordic sea goddess Rán, who pulls wandering sailors down into her wet grave. "Verräter", on the other hand, emphasizes the suffering and vengeance towards former allies with rapid guitar leads, and ultimately, the album culminates in the mighty title hymn “Zeichen”.

Pre-Order the new album Zeichen Here

In addition to the ten new tracks, the mediabook contains a bonus CD featuring alternate versions of each song the band recorded with renowned guest musicians from Eluveitie, Nachtblut and Equilibrium among others. Looking at the final opus, it's not surprising why VARG took four years after the publication of Das Ende Aller Lügen (which hit number 17 on the German charts) to regather their forces, and today, Zeichen shows that Freki, Fenrier, Morkai and Garm consciously took their time to realign their inner compass and are not afraid of musical and intellectual freedom.

Singer Freki states:
"In Norse mythology, the earth cleanses itself in fire and rises from the ashes - Zeichen is the rebirth of VARG. Based on our pagan metal roots, we have lyrically discarded all modern elements and simultaneously lifted vocals, melody and musical hardness to a whole new level. The path we walk on Zeichen is raw, pagan, authentic and completely dedicated to the Viking cult, runes and the old gods. Can you hear the murmuring? The runes have awakened!"

Zeichen will be available in the following formats:
- 2-CD mediabook
- 1-CD jewelcase
- 1 LP gatefold black
- 1 LP gold/black spotted (Napalm shop exclusive)
- wooden box set (Napalm shop exclusive)
- digital

01    793
02    Schildwall
03    Auf die Götter
04    Rán
05    Fara Til Ranâr
06    Wildes Heer
07    Feld der Ehre
08    Wanderer
09    Verräter
10    Zeichen

Line up:
Freki - vocals, guitar
Fenrier - drums
Garm - rhythm guitar
Morkai - lead guitar

Official Website



LONEWOLF issue lyric video for new single

True metal outfit LONEWOLF will release its new and 10th studio album entitled "Division Hades" on September 25, 2020 via Massacre Records!

The band released "Underground Warriors"- the first single from the upcoming album - today!
Watch the accompanying lyric video on

You can look forward to an album full of energetic and raging metal with a pounding rhythm section, heavy riffs, fast solos, catchy hooks and gruff vocals!

The album will be available as a 2-CD Digipak, limited edition Vinyl LP in different colors as well as in digital formats, and is available for pre-order here »

"Division Hades" was mixed and mastered by Charles Greywolf at Studio Greywolf.
The artwork by Péter Sallai / Mortpaintgraphics is available below, along with the album's track list.


LONEWOLF - Division Hades

Get it here »

CD Digipak

CD 1 – Division Hades

1. The Last Goodbye
2. The Fallen Angel
3. Division Hades
4. Manilla Shark
5. Underground Warriors
6. To Hell And Back (InstruMETAL)    
7. Alive
8. Lackeys Of Fear
9. Silent Rage
10. Drowned In Black

CD 2 – Into The Past We Ride

1. The Call (Intro)
2. Into The Battle We Ride*
3. The Dark Throne*
4. Towards The Light*
5. Forgotten Shadows*
6. The Forgotten Valleys Of Hades*
7. 1789*
8. Witch Hunter*
9. Sorcery*
10. Erik The Red*


Ltd. Vinyl LP

Side A

1. The Last Goodbye
2. The Fallen Angel
3. Division Hades
4. Manilla Shark
5. Underground Warriors

Side B

1. To Hell And Back (InstruMETAL)    
2. Alive
3. Lackeys Of Fear
4. Silent Rage
5. Drowned In Black

CD Digipak • Ltd. Vinyl LP • Digital
True Heavy Metal • Release: 25/09/2020
Lonewolf by Les Photos d'Alumine

18.09.2020 CZ Jarômer - Nároďák Power Fest
10.10.2020 DE Augsburg - Ballonfabrik (Augsbangers Metal Meeting)
14.11.2020 DE Mannheim - 7er Club
05.12.2020 DE Erfurt - Club From Hell
27.03.2021 FR Colmar - Le Grillen (Skiull Crush Fest V)
01.05.2021 DE Remchingen - Kulturhalle Remchingen (No Playback Festival)
04.06.2021 DE Büßfeld - M.I.S.E. Open Air

'Road, My Life' is the brand new studio single by Italian rock band, Diamante.

The song represents their first official release in English, performed by the new singer Matteo Metelli, who joined the line-up three years ago. Matteo perfectly integrated with his fellow bandmates thanks to a long list of live performances, where Diamante proposed shows focused on 70’s hard rock covers. Six years after their latest full-length album, 'Ad Vitam Reditus', the Brescia-based group felt the need to create again something original. Penned in collaboration with Oscar Burato and Letizia Maestrello from Monday Shock, 'Road, My Life' hinges on a new beginning: leaving everything behind, trying to treasure our own mistakes, and hoping that the next opportunity will mark a turning point. The sound is rich, colorful, and deeper than before, but still influenced by their 70’s-infused background.

The single, available on all digital platforms, was produced by Oscar Burato at Sonic Bang Studio in Isorella (Brescia, Italy); the video was shot by Moviedel Productions.


Matteo Metelli: Lead Vocals

Michele "Volpe" Spinoni: Guitar, Backing Vocals

Nico Sala: Bass, Backing Vocals

Alan Garda: Hammond, Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Claudio "Caio" Alloisio: Drums, Backing Vocals

Official Website





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