Life has never been easy, and dealing with hardships may result in going down the drain, oozed up by frustration leading to sinking deep into the alcoholic illusion of release. Many have challenged these issues in manners that would put anyone to shame, but not as down and dirty as the ferocious Finnish group of Softcore Suicide.

Today, Softcore Suicide made their next step in their careers, signing with the American label, RFL Records, which from its end signed its second European band to its roster.

RFL Records' CEO, Jon Marchewka, talked about the Finnish invasion: “I have been talking on and off with Samu Laaksonen, Softcore Suicide guitarist for about 4 years now. I found the bands video on YouTube and really loved what they were doing so this was very exciting when we got this inked. I’m a huge fan of Glam/Sleaze and Softcore Suicide does it with a vengeance; we are extremely thrilled to have these guys and are ready to get their music out to the universe.

Petri Nikula, lead vocalist of Softcore Suicide, joined in saying: “We are more than happy to be part of the RFL family. This is a start of a great and hopefully long journey with the RFL Records and we are really looking forward to work with them

At the moment, works on the debut full length are underway, with the album expected to be released in the coming future

Formed in early 2014, Softcore Suicide found the edge between gritty Hard Rock, modernized Heavy Metal and a sense of devouring darkness, which has been an integral part of their local scene in general.

On the live stage, Softcore Suicide have been firing from all cylinders, leaving their attendees something to talk about after each show. Receiving plenty of praises for their highly energetic stage act, the band perfected its ways on how to keep a person's blood pumping they storm through the stage.

Throughout their career, with mostly being active on stages, the band released an EP, 'Trail Of Drama', and five additional singles, one of them 'R.I.P'. which gathered up attention. Now, the band is ready for the next step…

Line up:

Petri Nikula – Vocals

Samu Laaksonen – Guitars / Backing Vocals

Marco Tidu – Bass / Backing Vocals

Aleksi Koski – Drums




UK rock band, SILK ROAD, have released a music video for “Sonder”, it’s the third single taken from their debut album ‘Grit For The Pretty‘, which will be out later this year. Drummer Charles Evans also plays for Jizzy Pearl’s LOVE/HATE. The YouTube video can be viewed here:

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered and Filmed by Jay Shredder (Gin AnnieStraight For The SunDevil’s Playground) of Shredder Live Lounge.

Sonder: “The profound feeling of realizing that everyone, including strangers passed in the street, has a life as complex as one’s own. Which they are constantly living despite one’s personal lack of awareness of it.

The single can be ordered here:


Bradley Taylor – Vocals
Charles Evans – Drums (Jizzy Pearl’s Love/Hate)
Rory Drohan – Guitars
Andy Gray – Bass

Grooves in the Big Smoke. SILK ROAD taking influences from anywhere between Tool and David Bowie and wish to create the perfect sound for a purposeful point. SILK ROAD write and play for the person who wants a little more from their music and its players. All in the name of wanting something different, something thoughtful and most importantly something honest.

Once UK – Oxford based now based in London, SILK ROAD will continue to mix and match styles and tones until SILK ROAD is satisfied.

Swiss hard rock band, ME AND THE REST, have released their new music video for the song ‘Clockmaster‘, it’s the fourth single taken from the forthcoming album “We Are Bulletproof” due out beginning of 2021 via RockAvenger. The YouTube video can be viewed here:

The single can be ordered here:

After their three successful long players “Ikarus” (2008), “Wizard King” (2011) and “7 Deadly Sins” (2016) they are ready to rock again.

ME AND THE REST‘s new motto is: We Are Bulletproof“, and that’s what they are; immune to the quick changes in musical styles of the past 30 years, true to their Hard Rock, characterised by catchy melodies and peppered with great hook lines. They remain standing and celebrating their Hard Rock… expect an exciting year filled with great new music – one new track every month!


Jürg Theiler – Vocals
Edel Murchie – Bass
Jan Moser – Drums
Jürg Götz – Guitar
Antonio Schiavano – Guitar

ME AND THE REST – the Hard Rock band from Zurich (Oberland region) on the road playing the Rock’n’Roll circus since 1991. With more than 6000 sold copies of their CDs and over 400 (and counting) performed concerts on that trail, they never once lost sight of their “long live Rock’n’Roll” vision.

Real, authentic and true-to-the-core, they celebrate their music with their signature riffs, wonderful hooklines and killer vocals. As supporting act of SOTO (Scandinavien Tour), Molly Hatchet, DORO, Krokus, Jane, Don Dokken, Rhino Bucket and many other well-known established groups, they grew to learn at the feet of the masters, polishing their live act to soon become the talk of their peers and many fans.

On stage, be it large or larger venues, they grew to reach their audiences’ inner hearts, drawing them into the magic of, as how they see it, the Rock’n’Roll dream. Whether it was the stage of the Hard Rock Café in Oslo, the Hall of Fame in Wetzikon, Z7 in Pratteln, the Alpenrock House in Zürich, the Albani-Club in Winterthur, the Open-Air Appenzell or Europe’s biggest Biker meeting in Sumiswald (Bern), ME AND THE REST really rocked them till they dropped. With consistently positive concert critiques, strong newspaper and genre magazine reviews about their CD releases, they placed themselves as a musical pearl in the demanding world of Hard Rock.

The band name stands for “All for one and one for all”; Three men and a woman – all focused on “one goal, one family, one band”. Each band member is simultaneously me and the rest. It is clear for all in this ‘family’ that there is no place or room for egocentricity. They stand both close and true to the fountainhead of Rock music. Rock’n’Roll leaps instinctively from the guts of each member. Their love of the art form and its message clearly envelopes everyone that hears their music. The spirit of Rock feeds the audience as well as the band itself and is reflected in both their music and words. Driving anthemic riffs, bodies drenched in sweat, they live their lives for that hunger and that fire. That’s what Rock’n’Roll truly is all about.

Release: Soulwound - The Suffering
Format: CD/Digital
Release Date: Septenber 11th 2020
Record label: Inverse Records
Genre:  Thrash/Death metal
Country: Finland


Soulwound's third album is a natural continuation of the band's previous efforts, offering fast, brutal, heavy and aggressive metal with both old-school and more contemporary influences forming the basis of the sound and nihilistic lyrics topping things off. Hit potential of any kind or pandering radio-friendly choruses have never been on the band's agenda ‒ instead, the music is hammered out with uncompromising attitude with the sole objective of making the members themselves feel good about it, the motto being "fuck what anyone else thinks". Though far from the most introverted music in the world, beginner-level metal for casual listeners of radio singles this is not. This is music crafted by guys who know and love their metal and create their own 100% in accordance with their own personal tastes. It will probably take repeated listens to take in all the details embedded in the songs, but the goal was to create a rewarding listening experience that opens itself up gradually and thus stays interesting and engaging for a long time, as opposed to offering instant and perhaps short-lived gratification. The intensity and energy should be palpable from the get-go, though.


Ilkka Valkonen's extremely aggressive vocals make the overall sound more brutal than ever, while the band's writing has become intuitively more mature, open-minded and versatile, yet cohesive. The foundation of aggression and heaviness is still as strong as ever, but a few new shades have also been added to the palette, as demonstrated perhaps best by the somber and melancholy ending of the closing track Death of the Sun.


Saku Moilanen's (Deep Noise Studios) sound production is very robust and hard-hitting, managing to be lush and gritty at the same time and bringing the songs to life with undeniable energy. The performances were purposefully left full of human inconsistencies in order to make the album sound like human beings actually playing their respective parts, as opposed to a flawless and sterile, clinically produced product. The track order was designed to divide the 10 songs into two halves like an old-school vinyl record, with each half featuring a distinct opening and ending track, while the first and last tracks also serve as bookends for the entire album.

But enough blabbering, let the music do the talking. Enjoy.


PRE-ORDER The Suffering CD: 
PRE-SAVE Soulwound's The Suffering album on Spotify: 

Track list:
1. Waste of Life
2. Ritual Cleansing
3. Pleasures
4. The Cult of I
5. Enter the Hivemind
6. Meat Puppets
7. Error in the System
8. This Hatred
9. Apex Parasite
10. Death of the Sun



Ilkka Valkonen, vocals
Niko Huusari, guitar
Mikko Huusari, guitar
Janne Huusari, drums
Joni Järvenmäki, bass




Connor Bracken and The Mother Leeds Band premiere the music video for their new single 'Dream Of You And Me' to celebrate the single's release date today. 

Watch and embed the music video via 

'Dream Of You And Me' is the first single from the band's upcoming second studio album “Nightbird Motel” released on Friday 25 September 2020. Two years in the making, the album captures the band’s intent to blend their live show energy with the superior sound of the studio.  The album is available to pre-order from

The album was recorded at
Soundmine Studio, in the mountains of East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

Based in Asbury Park, New Jersey, the same stomping grounds as
Bruce Springsteen and Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, MLB is comprised of Connor Bracken (lead vocals, guitar), Rich Seyffart (drums, vocals), Chris Dubrow (bass, vocals), and Jeff Linden (guitar, vocals).

MLB released their first studio album “
The Light In The Day” in 2016. Soon after, they spent much of their time touring the eastern states of the USA. In 2001, they released the live album “Wonderful Year.”

The band has received rave reviews for their energetic live shows. While staying true to their blues rock roots, they have become a permanent fixture in today’s rock scene. There is a palpable excitement for this new record waiting to break out. Connor Bracken and The Mother Leeds Band are looking forward to touring the album in 2021.

The Georgia Thunderbolts have released their debut self-titled EP today via Mascot Records and ahead of this they have revealed the official video for 'So You Wanna Change The World'.

Talking about the song they say; “So You Wanna Change the World sends a positive message from The Georgia Thunderbolts to all people young and old everywhere. It’s never too late to make our world a better place for everyone. Stay positive, humble and love one another. That’s our motto. Let’s all change our world one day at a time together.

The band are; TJ Lyle [lead vocalist], Riley Couzzourt [guitar], Logan Tolbert [guitar], Zach Everett [bass, harmony vocals, keys], and Bristol Perry [drums]. “We all grew up on rock music,” Riley says. “If I could think of three words to describe us, they would be ‘Hardworking, Determined, and Humble’.” Bristol grins, “If I could think of three words, they would be ‘Rock And Roll’.

With a wide swath of inspirations, ranging from southern gospel and Hank Williams to Neil Young, Little Feat, Ozzy Osbourne and Lynryd Skynyrd, the band cut their teeth performing with everyone from Black Stone Cherry and The Kentucky Headhunters to the new crop of vibrant Southern Rock bands such asThe Cadillac Three, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown, Blackberry Smoke and Bishop Gunn. They recorded the record at Barrick Recording Studio, in Glasgow, Kentucky – a studio immersed in plenty of Southern Rock history and inspiration for any new band who are finding their way in the recording studio. The resulting EP comprises undeniable anthems steeped in anthemic riffs, wild harmonica, and pulse-pounding drums.

From the bluesy blend of 'So You Wanna Change The World', to “the first song we ever wrote,” the dynamic 'Looking For An Old Friend', The Georgia Thunderbolts rustle up a new era of rock ‘n’ roll on their dynamic five song EP. The seven minute-plus 'Set Me Free' rolls from a hummable riff towards evocative soloing and an epic final crescendo, while 'Lend A Hand' stomps along on a wild lick before a sweeping and soaring refrain.

In Georgia, you hear Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, and all of the greats everywhere,” Riley and Logan conclude. “Rock and roll is something that comes naturally for us. We love it and are in it for the long haul. We feel like we can bring it back.

Official Website




Image description

Pre-order for “Ballads” starts today!

Wings of Destiny's album “Ballads” can be pre-ordered HERE
(out worldwide on 04-09-2020 via Wormholedeath Records)

SPECIAL GUESTS on the album : Marco Garau (keyboard player Magic Opera & Derdian); Ivan Giannini (vocalist of Vision Divine & Derdian), Mike Vescera (vocalist of Animetal USA, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen & Loudness), Victor Smolski (guitar player of ex-RAGE, Almanac), Timo Tolkki (ex-Stratovariusl, Timo tolkki´s Avalon), Henning Basse (vocalist - ex-Mayan, ex-Firewind, ex-Metallium), Chemel Neme (vocalist ex-Black Sun), additional guest appearance of Rebecca Malavassi, opera singer in Siren´s song

Check out their single “Live Again” HERE.

The band is also proud to present their video for the track "Time Will Tell":

Recorded and edited by : Guarlos vargas

Assistant : José vega

Location: JA Studiocr.


Wings of Destiny is a Power Metal band originally from Costa Rica, founded at the end of the year 2013, influenced by such bands as Helloween, Rhapsody of Fire, Angra and Symphony X; nevertheless through the time the band managed to develop a very particular and recognizable sound creating a cult following among fans all around the world. Wings of Destiny was originally called only "Destiny", but due to the existence of another band of the same name [band from Sweden], decided to change its name to Wings of Destiny [known, also, as WOD] in the year 2


The Talk Out NOW via LAVA/Republic Records.


August 21, 2020 - Buzzing Columbus, OH rock band SOUTH OF EDEN has unleashed their debut EP, The Talk!

“Whether you’re cruising down the road or burning one on your couch, there’s a song in here for you. This EP represents what we believe is real, raw music. No click tracks and triggers, or copy and paste. Just a bunch of hippies in a room.” - SOUTH OF EDEN

Flaunting towering vocals and wild guitar solos the quartet challenge rock ‘n’ roll to its very core with a timeless approach and 21st century swagger. They preceded the EP with the single “Dancing With Fire.” The song already captured top spots at Spotify’s New Noise, Apple’s Breaking Rock, and Amazon Music’s Breakthrough Rock & Fresh Rock playlists and received critical acclaim from Loudwire, Classic Rock Magazine, Guitar World, and more. The official music video shows the band in their element on the road and showcases their unparalleled performance ability. Check out the “Dancing With Fire” music video here!

The EP opens with self-titled track “The Talk” where seismic singing rings out in tandem with a fret-burning lead. Elsewhere, “Solo” hinges on a soulful refrain, while bluesy guitars bleed into another dynamic crescendo on the simmering “Morning Brew.”

Album Art

1. The Talk
2. Solo
3. Morning Brew
4. Dancing With Fire