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Friday, October 23, 2020

ROX Newsblast 23 October 2020


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Re-issued classic



Manic Frustration immediately pulls you into a time warp of 70’s metal bliss, with its razor-sharp guitar tones and muscular, crisp production! Finally re-issued!

At their peak, Trouble were the perfect combination of Black Sabbath meets The Beatles, and their 1992 album ‘Manic Frustration’ was their collaborative pinnacle. Perhaps a case of divine intervention from the feedback gods; the Doom pioneers jumped from their record label, Metal Blade to Rick Rubin’s American Recordings shortly after Slayer had. While Trouble never reached the commercial heights of the Thrash kings - they were, in their own way, just as important.

‘Manic Frustration’ immediately pulls you into a time warp of 70’s metal bliss, with its razor-sharp guitar tones and muscular, crisp production, courtesy of Rick Rubin (System Of A Down, Johnny Cash), himself. The way the players bounce off of each other is a rare example of lightning in a bottle, and Rubin is just there to document it all, in his typically stripped back fashion.

Order now:
Trouble - Manic Frustration CD € 11,90
Trouble - Manic Frustration LP (Black vinyl) € 15,90
Trouble - Manic Frustration LP (Clear vinyl, limited to 100) € 19,90
Trouble - Manic Frustration LP (Transparant Blue vinyl) € 17,90
Trouble - Manic Frustration LP (Transparant Red vinyl) € 17,90
Trouble - Manic Frustration LP (White vinyl) € 17,90
Trouble - Manic Frustration MC (White tape, limited to 200) € 7,90

NADER SADEK launches project featuring members of Nile, ex Hate Eternal, ex Beyond Creation + more

New single / video 'The Serapeum: Polluted Waters' streaming now

Recorded in the inner chamber of Giza’s Red Pyramid
Renowned Egyptian-American artist, director, and death metal musician NADER SADEK has unleashed the single / video 'The Serapeum: Polluted Waters,' taken from his four-track The Serapeum Extended Single, to be released 20th November. The offering serves as his first output since 2014’s critically-lauded The Malefic: Chapter III EP and a taste of his impending full-length, set to be released during the first half of 2021.

Premiered via Decibel, watch the video here:

Stream / purchase here:
The Serapeum features principal members Karl Sanders (Nile), Derek Roddy (Serpents Rise), and Mahumud Gecekusu (Perversion), who visited Egypt in 2017 at the invitation of SADEK and, alongside a host of equally notable guests. Marking Sanders’ and Roddy’s first ever visit to the ancient land, the EP is monikered after an ancient Egyptian subterranean burial chamber and reflects the collective’s deep inspiration by the grounds explored.
'The Serapeum: Polluted Waters' features Sanders’ signature tone on rhythm guitar yet offers a different angle of experimentation, with the inclusion of eastern harmonies and drones provided by Alex Zubair (Nephelium), and instead of chants, Nancy Mounir, one of Egypt’s top musical talents, adds the ever haunting theremin to the mix. Dominic “Forest” Lapointe plays the low end, and Mahumud Gecukusu performs the guitar solo. The track also features Roddy's staggering drum work along with SADEK’s ferocious vocal delivery. To complete this musical encounter with the archaeological wonders of Egypt, SADEK recorded the vocals inside the inner chamber of Giza’s “Red Pyramid.” 
Thematically, NADER SADEK’s The Serapeum draws inspiration from the contrast between the wondrous mystery of the Serapeum and its undervalued status today as simply a tomb for bulls. As an underground complex of twenty-four eighty-ton sarcophagi, many archaeologists consider it a stranger and more complicated legacy than the pyramids.

SADEK comments: “By recording in the Serapeum and the Red Pyramid, not only did we want to take advantage of the amazing acoustic effects of these ancient structures, we wanted to explore how the powers that be arrogantly dismiss that which they don’t understand.”

SADEK explores this theme and draws parallels in the lyrics like, “Bull tomb uncovered, fallacy discovered / The reign of lambs begotten," and, "Dead Serapis' decay, sands triggered, shall pay / Serapeum! Rise! and confront us with the truth's majesty." These lyrics symbolically portray the relationship of modern to ancient Egypt, once the greatest civilization, now a cesspool of poverty and dilapidation. The Serapeum, like the musical performances on this single, will find its admirers in those who reject the shallow and superficial comforts of the familiar.


Australian metal trio GROWTH stream new single/video

'Cigarette Burns' out now

The Smothering Arms of Mercy debut LP to be released
4th December via Wild Thing Records

'Will haunt you in every way' - Metal Injection
Australian metal trio GROWTH have released their new single / video 'Cigarette Burns', taken from their stunning debut LP, The Smothering Arms of Mercy, which will be released 4th December via Australia’s progressive music specialists Wild Thing Records.

Watch the video for 'Cigarette Burns' here:

Stream 'Cigarette Burns', previous single 'Something Follows', and pre-order the record here: 

The band says: “Cigarette burns leave a mark to remember. It’s also a term in cinema for special markers in a roll of film - they let the projectionist know it's time to change the rolls over, to continue the show. It seems to make sense to reflect on our wounds, so we do it with abandon. We dwell on traumas, invite our ghosts to play out their horrors in front of us in circular fashion, until those circles are spinning so viciously their edges cut us into pieces. It’s no life to live. It's time to change the film.
Luke Frizon - frontman - says of the music video: “We're thrilled to have worked with Adrian Goleby for this clip, he's got fantastic skills and a great sense of vision. The clip itself features a bunch of our good mates from the very cool band Hadal Maw. One of our members decided to dislocate his knee a few hours into the weekend-long shoot... That member was me. I don't think much was achieved by this but I stand by my decision.

GROWTH will release a trilogy of albums that explore the very human aspects of connection, trauma, despair, and the fragility of hope.

Even the strongest pillar caves. Even the iron heart shatters. GROWTH's debut release, The Smothering Arms of Mercy, is the first in their narrative trilogy that details in honesty the extremity of recovery from mental illness. Mercy delivers a ferocious depiction of suffering, designed to draw the listener in with the Barnes brothers' paralysing and traumatic vision, suffocating and vulnerable all at once.

Self-recorded, produced and engineered in Australia, with drums engineered by Troy McCosker (Ne Obliviscaris),and mixed & mastered by Fredrik Nordstrom (Opeth) in Gothenburg, Sweden, the landscape presented in Mercy is nightmarish-dense with jarring time signatures, grinding abrasiveness, and wistful post-metal passages, and led by the visceral howling of vocalist Luke Frizon detailing a vivid story of hope and loss drawn directly from lived experience.
GROWTH began as a reflective space for brothers Tristan (guitars/bass) and Nelson Barnes (drums) who were united after returning to Australia after a decade apart pursuing music overseas. Tristan returned to come to terms with his personal demons and after receiving a mental health diagnosis that hit with closure and terror all at once, he became a recluse. Isolated and debilitated, he expressed his pain through writing. Meanwhile, vocalist Luke Frizon (ex Jack The Stripper) had withdrawn from life to enter a period of recovery after reaching rock bottom, seeking to reconnect with himself and make meaning of hopelessness, trauma and loss.
A chance meeting on a mutual first outing from respective isolation sparked a discussion about the empathetic aspects of music and quickly led to a partnership and GROWTH were formed.

The result is The Smothering Arms Of Mercy, a claustrophobic narrative of total spiritual collapse written while in psychiatric care and thrown over nine suffocating acts.  

Luke Frizon delves deep in to 'Something Follows'' meaning:

"There's a crucial moment in this album I wanted to get across here. Our figure in this has realised they are losing in a pursuit they don't understand-some force seeks to devour them. When in a state of despair, we find ourselves snared by the ideas it brings forward-punitive, brutal, painful. Quietly enraged by that pain, awash in the injustice of it all-the most awful outcome is when we fuse that rage with that suffering. The force lurking around the corner in this case is the end. Now, that's not where you want to be. Something Follows shows us what our figure will be faced with when forced to reach that decision either to collapse, or make one last push to break through."

The Smothering Arms of Mercy will be released on 4th December via Wild Thing Records
Pre orders are available now via
Watch the album trailer here 
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LIONHEART stream new track from Live At Summer Breeze album

Recorded at Summer Breeze Festival 2019; 'Lhhc' streaming now

Live At Summer Breeze out 6th November via Arising Empire
"Hardcore bursting with groove" - Metal Hammer

US hardcore bruisers LIONHEART have released the video to 'Lhhc', taken from their upcoming Live At Summer Breeze album. Recorded at the festival in 2019, the 13-track record is set for release on 6th November via Arising Empire.

Watch the video to 'Lhhc' here:

Following a festival-less summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is a much needed record that captures LIONHEART's raw energy in Germany, where their current album Valley Of Death hit the Top 20. The Oakland quintet specialise in music for the mosh where a good party is guaranteed - heavy breakdowns and metallic power combine to inspire all disciples of hardcore.

Live At Summer Breeze will be available on 6th November 2020 via Arising Empire as DigiLP and in limited special bundles via ImpericonCoreTex and EMP.

Watch the videos to previously released tracks 'Still Bitter Still Cold' here: and 'Lock Jaw' here:

Pre-order here:

Stream here:

For more information:
Track listing:

01. Call Stomp
02. Hall Mary
03. Vultures
04. Pain
05. Still Bitter Still Cold
06. Keep Talkin'
07. Trial by Fire
08. Lock Jaw
09. Love DOn't Live here
10. Rest In Power
11. Fight for Your Right
12. Lhhc
13. Going Back to the Bay
Bay Area, California’s reigning kings of heavy hardcore first stormed into the scene in 2007 with their debut album: The Will To Survive. Taking influence from bands like Blood For Blood, and Madball; LIONHEART came out swinging with a full-blown assault of blistering metallic hardcore. They quickly followed it up with 2010’s Built On Struggle, 2012’s Undisputed and years of non-stop touring.

Following a short break after their release Undisputed, the band came back stronger than ever with 2014’s Welcome To The Westcoast. The album debuted at #1 on both iTunes Metal and GooglePlay Metal Charts. LIONHEART stormed into the scene again in January 2016 with Love Don’t Live Here. The album title, a nod to a classic R&B/ Motown Song by the same name, shows the band's unwillingness to conform to the typical hardcore mould, as well as the bitter and unforgiving lyrical content the band is known for. November 2017 saw LIONHEART unleash Welcome To The Westcoast II. A sequel to Welcome To The Westcoast (2014), the album brought forth a new era in California Hardcore, and saw them again debut at #1 across the iTunes Metal Charts and Google Play Metal Charts. 

2019, after endless touring around the globe, LIONHEART returned with their most punishing album to date: Valley Of Death. Backed by a combination of blistering metallic hardcore and heavy West Coast groove, front-man Rob Watson provides an insight into a life of torment, violence, and an unrelenting will to overcome. With Valley Of Death LIONHEART climbed into the German Top 20 Album Charts, as well as #1 on iTunes Metal Charts and Google Play Metal Charts.   

An intriguing concept album built of complementary song pairs working from the outside in, “Strangers” – set to be released on Oct. 30 by M-Theory Audio – is the newest effort from acclaimed Israeli progressive/symphonic metal band SCARDUST. With one pair of songs already unveiled to the general public via the music videos for “Tantibus II” and “Addicted”, the band has now revealed the first chapter of another two-part saga with their new music video for the track “Stranger”, which can be viewed at YouTube here: A video for its companion track will be released next week.

Says vocalist Noa Gruman, “When someone close to your heart is leaving you and you’re breaking down and feeling that you’re left to face the world on your own, the shared memories and moments that you had become 'Stranger.' Being neglected is a fragile and exposed feeling, so in this one song we chose to lose the choir and strings and strip things down to the core musicians. In the video, they are playing the song, but never together, in an obscure, unrealistic location. They are surrounded by concrete pillars and the scene is continuously spinning, leaving the viewer feeling dizzy and uncomfortable. Lyrics pop out here and there to highlight specific parts, and there are also hints of water by the musicians' feet and paint cans lying on the ground. One may wonder why, and it will all be revealed in the other side of the story, told from the side of the neglector.

Mastered by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Devin Townsend, Arch Enemy), “Strangers” was written and composed jointly by singer Noa Gruman and composer Orr Didi, who also collaborated with Gruman on SCARDUST’s full-length debut “Sands of Time” – which was hailed by Prog Magazine as “extraordinary” – and their 2015 EP “Shadow.” The album features guest appearances from German folk musician Patty Gurdy, as well as vocals by the Hellscore choir and England’s prestigious Westbrook Hay Prep School Chamber Choir. Pre-orders for CD and limited-edition gray smoke vinyl editions of “Strangers” are now live at:

Track List:

01. Overture for the Estranged
02. Break The Ice
03. Tantibus II
04. Stranger
05. Concrete Cages (feat. Patty Gurdy)
06. Over
07. Under
08. Huts
09. Gone
10. Addicted
11. Mist

SCARDUST also recently launched the “Mist Cover Challenge,” an invitation for fans to play or sing along with the final minute of the new song “Mist,” the closing track of “Strangers.” To enter the challenge, follow the instructions at and upload your video anywhere on social media, tagging the band and including the hashtag #scardustmist. Entries close on Oct. 25, and winners will be announced by the band during a special livestream on Nov. 1 that will also feature a live performance and a Q&A with special guest Patty Gurdy.

Israel’s leading progressive metal group, SCARDUST has performed at such major festivals as Ramblin’ Man Fair (UK), Metaldays (Slovenia) and Midi (China). In addition, the band hosts the annual “Scarfest” event in their home country, where they’ve also appeared alongside the likes of Therion, Epica and Symphony X.


Noa Gruman – Vocals
Yanai Avnet – Bass
Yadin Moyal – Guitar
Itai Portugali – Keyboards
Yoav Weinberg – Drums

Canada’s Red Cain is finishing their “Kindred” saga with the release of “Kindred: Act II” on December 4th, 2020 to follow their 2019 album “Kindred: Act I” unleashed via Sliptrick Records. Over the past few months of this year, they have shared three singles off the forthcoming full length “Sunshine (Blood Sun Empire)”, “Demons” and “Kindred”. Today, they present their final single Varyag and The Shrike off the upcoming record. Recommended for fans of Kamelot, Mastodon, and Amaranthe the track can be heard via its premiere on Metal-Rules HERE

Vocalist Evgeniy Zayarny explains the story behind the song in further detail:

"Much of storytelling has historically been in the form of fables, and with “Varyag and the Shrike”, we wanted to create one of our own as a story element for the “Kindred” album saga. This fable and this warlike anthem are about accepting your own mortality and acknowledging your place in the memory of future generations. 

A shrike is a bird of prey that kills via impaling its quarry on thorns, barbed wire, or any other sharp points - leaving a grotesque reminder of its hunting prowess. In this track, they play a Valkyrie-like role, taking the souls and bodies of fallen warriors home. 

This track is, in essence, a dirge - a lament for the dead, with our hero metaphorically in dialogue with the shrike. To achieve a doomy, thick, and oppressive atmosphere, we dropped down the guitars, sped up the drums, and put 8 layers of harmonies into the massive, haunting chorus that drives the entire track forward. The track art is a reimagining of the warrior’s head from Alexander Pushkin’s epic poem “Ruslan & Ludmila”, infested here by a malevolent Lovecraftian force, and decorated with the shrike and their victims. We can’t deny taking some inspiration from Dan Simmons’ Hyperion Cantos as well, where the entity known as the Shrike plays a similar, but also a very different part.

Despite the dark content, our hero and the track itself eventually seek to overcome their own intrinsic melancholy and raise a rallying cry to those who follow, to take up his banner and continue onward. Conceptually, the track represents humanity’s continuity through millennia via retellings of glorious deeds and sacrifices in the name of its survival. For even if one falls, many will step forward to take his place. 

So lock ranks, stand shoulder to shoulder with your brothers and sisters - and raise your face to the Sun. This is Varyag and the Shrike."

Described as a vehicle of “Melancholy and Rage” and born out of the emerging music scene of Alberta, Canada, 2017 YYC Awards Metal Recording of the Year winner Red Cain is a power/progressive metal project with Russian roots. With intricate songwriting, a heavy yet melodic feel reminiscent of progressive acts, and elements of Slavic myth and Russian paganism in the storytelling tradition of the cult of Veles, Red Cain champion a fluid, dynamic, and unique musical style centered around telling dark, conceptual Faustian sagas and constructing those into an unforgettable live experience. 

Stated by frontman Evgeniy Zayarny as wanting to bring back the “Devil’s music” mysticism all too often missing in modern metal acts, Red Cain delivers flair, groove, and an intricate, lethal edge in their music. Listeners might well pick out elements reminiscent of such luminary acts as Kamelot, Symphony X, Tesseract, Amaranthe, Alter Bridge – whipped into a venomous new shape. The current incarnation of the band is all of these influences mixed with a lot of vodka and Eastern European melancholy, shaken and stirred. 

Red Cain released its debut self-titled EP in November 2016 to rave reviews from a variety of publications such as Dead Rhetoric, MetalUnderground, and Firewind magazine, among many others. Red Cain’s EP had the honour of winning Metal Recording of the Year at the 2017 YYC Music Awards. The band has a strong emerging fanbase around the world, being named one of the top 200 bands of 2016 by Headbangers Latinoamerica and the EP’s cover art selected as one of 2016’s 15 best by Metal Underground. 

Red Cain’s first full-length album “Kindred: Act I” was released in March 2019 to a variety of excellent reviews internationally, reaching #1 on Canadian College Radio Earshot Loud charts and establishing the band as a force in the Canadian metal scene, and landing the band a distribution deal with European label Sliptrick Records. A variety of festival appearances at Loud As Hell Metal Festival, Hyperspace Metal Festival, and Canada Wacken Competition have served to cement that status. Red Cain’s music videos for “Juliet” and “Zero” have to date garnered 11 international film festival awards, including the Music Video Award at the Accolade Global Film Competition (LA). 

Track Listing:
1. Sunshine (Blood Sun Empire)
2. Demons
3. Kindred
4. Precipice of Man
5. Baltic Fleet
6. Varyag and The Shrike
7. Sons of Veles  

Previous Singles:
“Sunshine (Blood Sun Empire)” HERE
“Demons” HERE.

For more info:


MODERN HARD ROCK BAND: AWAKEN have released their next single "Stained Glass" from their up and coming album Monsters and Machines due out in 2021. Having signed with TLG Entertainment the band continues to take each track and raise it another level. Which if today's stereos had decent equalizers a true test of turning it up loud would make every sound Awaken touches pure Hard Rock. Having set course with TLG Entertainment with their first single "Behemoth" Awaken defines their sound and deeper-reaching lyrics higher and higher as "Stained Glass" proves. Awaken is powerful rock that surges onwards and upwards.
'"Stained Glass" is a song for the overlooked. It's a song that speaks for those who have been prejudged, counted out, or taken for granted without their situations being understood. It's about how people can look at another through a stained glass lens and never really see who they are. This was actually one of the first songs written for the record, musically and lyrically. It's always been one that stood out to us throughout the recording process."' - Awaken
Promo pic by: Henri Korhonen @hl.foto
Finnish modern melodic metal band Everture is set to release their debut album Emerge on February 26th 2021 via Inverse Records. The first single "In Between" from the album is released today and you can listen to it via following streaming platforms:

Apple Music: 
Guitarist Matti Hautakangas comments:
"Musically In Between resembles more of the traditional Everture style blended with a new and better soundscape. It's an easy one to digest and it kind of makes you want to hear more. There's not much to be added here. With its double bassdrum bombardment, big catchy choruses and a playful solo this song kicks some serious butt!
Lyrically speaking there's not really a story, but rather a semi-fictional setup for a story sung from the point before a journey. The journey ahead is life itself, the great unknown, the state between pre- and afterlife of which the latter has never been reached. Life has many perils that mostly have something to do with human frailty. The song brings up a question, would you make it through or would you return... as all have so far."
1. In Between
2. For Tomorrow
3. Undersky
4. The River Flows
5. Promises
6. Ivory Tower
7. The Unfortunate End
8. White Lies, Black Skies
9. My 52 Shades
10. Closure

Album cover art by: Petri Lampela

Jere Kuokkanen - vocals
Matti Hautakangas - guitar
Oskari Niskala - guitar
Samuli Kielenniva - bass
Olli Vuoti - drums

Prodigium is a libertarian two piece groove metal band from Jackson , MS . Formed in 2010 when cousins Lloyd Bourne and Robert Van Zandt started writing metal music together. The songs they wrote over the following two years would languish as demos until the 2020 quarantine where they were rerecorded and re-imagined. That work culminated in their debut self-titled album Prodigium . Inspired by Pantera , Machine Head and the greater early 90’s groove metal scene, Prodigium’s debut album is political, melodic and most of all brutal. The opener of the album Heathen tells the story of the cost of war on the human soul and features a guitar solo from Cameron Losch of Born of Osiris . The U.S.S.A . is a searing 7 minute attack on the American regime followed by the album's single Warhorse , a biting critique on the overreaching American government. Broken follows Warhorse in the track listing and it is both the story of leaving where you were raised to start a new life as well as leaving to fight oppression . The second to last track on the album is Unchained a bombastic song about finding freedom . The final and longest song on the album is The Tempest Will Rise a sprawling 9 minute song about taking the fight to your enemy. Download it for free on Bandcamp or stream it on all your favorite streaming services.


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