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Saturday, April 9, 2022

Live review: Willie and the Bandits. Robin2, Bilston, 7 April 2022


Wille and the Bandits steal the show....!

The Robin2 has played host to the band before and they rocked the place then and REALLY rocked it tonight!

Openining tonight was acoustic guitarist/vocalist Mike West who was nothing if not enthusatic and keen to win the audience over. He did with his catchy (if a tad repetitive) songs that ranged from modern country to Americana folk music. It's always tough to play an acoustic gig and credit to Mike for choosing this way of performing. His songs are well written if a little generic and he plays that acoustic guitar like the strings are made of iron not steel. Fuck knows how they didn't break under that punishment. His vocal cords took some punishment too as he sang in a loud, gruff, tone. Passionate and forceful but a little too full on for the songs he was singing. It was almost as though he was trying to emulate an acoustic Zakk Whylde. Yup, that sound. Didn't really work for him. Perhaps a softer tone would be better Mike? (4/10)

With the crowd warmed up, it was Willie & The Bandits' time to show Bilston the way they rock.
In the 3 years since we last saw them they have grown incredibly in terms of musicality, confidence and performance ability. They now play, move and perform with the confidence of a live seasoned band as they played songs old and new from previous albums to the new "When The World Stood Still". Each song was performed perfectly. No fuck-ups, no hesistation and a decent sound from the venue.
All the songs we know and love were there including the epic renditions, slide gloriousness, pure rock n rollers and ballads. There's something for everyone at a WATB show. 

The longer songs really show off the abilities of frontman and lead guitarist Willie Edwards. He plays guitar and slide with a level of technicality that makes it look easy. Trust me, it ain't! 

The rockers saw the band really let loose and show they can rock as hard as any of their peers. Again, the band's confidence makes them very entertaining to watch. The band are tight and always musical.

Roll on the next time we see Willie and The Bandits! 9/10 CAG & AS 

Willie & The Bandits Website

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  1. A great night as always with wille and the bandits a d thoroughly enjoyed Mike West. Nice to meet you Carrie.


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