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Monday, April 11, 2022

The Floydian Slip comes to ROX Radio!


Every Thursday on ROX Radio at 9pm (UK time)

From 14th April you can listen to the weekly "Floydian Slip" radio show right here on ROX Radio. 

"Floydian Slip" is a one-hour, weekly radio journey through the history of the rock band Pink Floyd.

Host Craig Bailey works classic Floyd songs, deep album cuts and Floyd’s unique brand of ambient segues into a seamless blend of music and sound best described as a listening experience.

Accented with succinct and thoughtful commentary, “Floydian Slip” is programming that becomes a weekly destination for classic rock fans.

History of the show

Craig aired his first episode of "Floydian Slip" in January 1989 on Ithaca College's 106-VIC (now VIC Radio) in Ithaca, N.Y., as a senior Television-Radio major. He also produced it for two FM stations in the Burlington, Vt./Plattsburgh, N.Y. market between 1994 and 2009.

In 2009, Craig began syndicating the show from his home studio in the Burlington, Vt., area. He established the Random Precision Radio Network with a single affiliate, and has grown the network to include 110 stations in the United States, Canada and overseas.

About your host Craig Bailey

Craig Bailey has worked on-the-air since 1985 and has produced and hosted "Floydian Slip" for nearly as long. With more than 1,300 episodes under his belt, he's recognized as a de facto expert on Pink Floyd.

He and his show have received attention in — or acted as a resource for — media as diverse as Billboard, VH1, The Dallas Morning News, MacFormat, Yahoo! Music, Relix, and The Ottawa Citizen.

He was featured in "Pink Floyd: Album by Album" by Martin Popoff, published in 2018; and was quoted in the book "Reinventing Pink Floyd: From Syd Barrett to The Dark Side of the Moon" by Bill Kopp. He also wrote the foreword to "Speak to Me: The Legacy of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon," edited by Russell Reising and published in 2006.

Outside the studio

In his time outside the studio, Craig's a website developer, Apple fan, dog lover, part-time actor and writer.

He's the developer of Read My Play™, a free script exchange service that helps playwrights share feedback on works-in-progress.

A Connecticut theatre company has tentatively scheduled a premiere of his one-act "Mitch Maclay Sings Just for You" for 2023. Another of his one-acts, "Valaise," ran outside Toronto in October 2020. His latest is a short thriller called "The Mockingbird's Nest." All scripts are available for download at Playwrights' Center.

A Vermont native, he's lived in the Burlington, Vt., area since '91.

"Floydian Slip" merchandise

"Floydian Slip" T-shirts and more are available in the "Floydian Slip" Store. All items come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and your purchase helps support "Floydian Slip."

Bio, logo and photo courtesy of Floydian Slip. WEBSITE

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