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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Incoming! The Room


  The Room

  ‘Sleepless’ from the ‘Restless Fate’ LP

  21 March 2023

  9x9 Records

  The full ‘Restless Fate’ LP is out now 


Liverpool's THE ROOM presents 'Sleepless', a tale of internet addiction from 'Restless Fate' LP, their first recordings in 38 years

FOR FANS OF: Echo & The Bunnymen, David J, Gang of Four, The Fall, Dead Cowboys, Urge Overkill, Benny Profane, The Room in the Wood, Red House Painters
FOCUS TRACKS: The Drift, Sleepless, The Reeds, Dust Motes, Cursed Islands, Time Comes
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'The Drift'
'Restless Fate' LP
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"A band who have a genuine need to create art, they create literate, film-like songs aimed as much at the mind as the feet. They are not looking back to past glories at all, but looking forward to future ones. In Restless Fate, they have already found one" Louder Than War

Liverpool's The Room presents 'Sleepless', a song inspired by the modern-day phenomenon of internet addiction, social media and news junkies. Following lead track 'The Drift', this is the latest offering from their 'Restless Fate' LP, the band's first new recordings in 38 years.  Producer Mark Jordan has also created accompanying videos for both singles.

Originally formed by singer Dave Jackson and bassist Becky Stringer in 1979, they are once again joined by the band's original drummer Clive Thomas, as well as guitarist Darren Brown, keyboardist Ethan Kyme and drummer Tom McCabe.

Recorded and mixed at Ark Studios in Liverpool and released on 9x9 Records, this album was co-produced by Dave Jackson and Steve Powell (Michael Head & the Red Elastic Band, Autour De Lucie, Echo & The Bunnymen).

‘Restless Fate’ picks up where the band left off. At times shimmering, at times haunting, their melodic blend of progressive, alternative pop and sultry post-punk is just as relevant and captivating now as when they broke up in 1985. An exploration of man’s search for meaning and the dysfunction of the human condition, there is still a relentless optimism at the core of this record.

The Room recorded four John Peel sessions, appeared on The Whistle Test and worked with Television's Tom Verlaine and John Porter (Roxy Music, The Smiths, Billy Bragg) on their 'In Evil Hour' LP (1984). Recordings from Janice Long's BBC Radio One programme and Saturday Live were used for the 1985 release 'Jackpot Jack' EP. 2004 brought their 'No Dream (Best Of)' compilation, followed by 2005's 'Indoor Fireworks' LP, which was actually recorded in 1982.

Having toured the UK and the USA, The Room has also performed with The Fall, The Birthday Party, Bauhaus, Southern Death Cult, Violent Femmes, Tom Verlaine, John Foxx and The Red Guitars.

Following the band's split, Becky and Dave went on to form several other bands: Benny Profane, Dust and Dead Cowboys. Dave has also recorded under his own name and, most recently, he issued a string of releases as The Room in the Wood (with Paul Cavanagh).

"It's great to revisit old stuff, but writing new songs as The Room is where the excitement really lies. New Dreams from an island cursed by Restless Fate," says Dave Jackson.

"'Sleepless' is about addiction to media that keeps us on our phones and obsessed by trivia. 'Red Admiral' is a reflection on childhood with an implied murder mystery hidden in the picture. 'Kingdom' is an atheists hymn. 'Crying Face' is about a Facebook troll I know. 'Bull in the Doorway' is about the paintings of Francis Bacon. 'Mirror World' is an oblique response to a misinformation in the media. 'Cursed Islands' is about an island off the coast of Napoli and also the redundant World Islands in Dubai. 'Time Comes' was another response to lockdown. 'The Reeds' is about a bereaved swan on Prince's Park Lake."

The 'Restless Fate' album is out now, available digitally across fine music platforms, including Apple MusicSpotify and Amazon. It can also be obtained on CD and as a vinyl record via Liverpool-based 9x9 Records.

Written by Dave Jackson, Darren Brown, Becky Stringer, Ethan Kyme
Recorded at Ark Studios, Liverpool
Recorded and mixed by Steve Powell
Produced by Steve Powell and The Room
Dave Jackson - vocals
Becky Stringer -bass
Darren Brown - guitar
Ethan Kyme - keyboards
Tom McCabe - drums
Released on Liverpool's 9x9 Records
'The Drift' video created by Mark Jordan

01   The Drift    
02   Red Admiral    
03   Sleepless    
04   Kingdom  
05   Time Comes    
06   The Reeds  
07    Dust Motes  
08    Mirror World    
09    Crying Face    
10   Cursed Islands    
11   Bull In The Doorway

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Photos above and below by Dave Jackson


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