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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Incoming! Walk With Titans


Rockshots Records Signs Canada's WALK WITH TITANS For Debut Album "Olympian Dystopia" (Greek Myths Meet Power Metal); Unveil Video "Seven Against Thebes"

Photo Credit - Dani Rod - Above the Sky Studios

Rockshots Records is proud to announce their signing of Walk With Titans for the release of their debut album "Olympian Dystopia" on May 26th, 2023. Based in Montreal, Canada, the band's goal is to bring all the epic elements you'd expect from a power metal band with a twist of Greek Mythology. On "Olympian Dystopia" the quintet showcases their writing and technical skills.

Efficient, epic, well executed, heavy, and mythical, this is what power metal fans will discover during 50 minutes of "Olympian Dystopia" brought forth by Nikko Cyr (drums), Nick Maugy (rhythm guitar), Louis Jacques (lead guitar) (ex-Blackguard), Lydz Grondin (bass), and Jonathan Vézina (vocals & orchestrations).

''We wanted to make a straightforward power metal album without compromising the epic side. I think listeners will realize that and enjoy it. We made this album during the pandemic and it kept us sane, we hope fans will find the same joy in listening to it as we had to make it! We bring some ancient Greek Myths to the forefront like Eurydice and Herakles, while others are more subtle like 'Edge of Time', which is Khronos representing time eating us all. Other tracks on the record we made as an analogy for societal issues.'' adds guitarist Louis Jacques.

Today, the band presents their first story and single accompanied by a music video. Entitled "Seven Against Thebes", the track tells the tale of the seven champions in Greek mythology who made war on Thebes, Adrastus, Amphiaraus, Capaneus, Hippomedon, Polynices, Tydeus, and Parthenopaeus. They were chosen by Adrastus, the king of Argos, to be the captains of an Argive army whose purpose was to restore Oedipus' son Polynices to the Theban throne.

''This song is very ''in your face''. We wanted to make a fast song with a very epic catchy chorus, I think we succeeded here. This song is about the myth of the two Oedipus' sons who fought to the death over the city of Thebes. The bridge solo section is very fast and intense, as a battle could be. We unleash everything on the stage when we play this one.'' says guitarist Louis Jacques

Watch and listen to "Seven Against Thebes" at

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Walk With Titans is recommended for fans of Angra, Stratovarius, and Rhapsody of Fire.

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Track Listing:
1. Herakles (4:08)
2. Edge of Time (4:34)
3. Gods of the Pantheon (5:53)
4. As Titans Fall (4:36)
5. Lost Ways (4:28)
6. Final Dawn (5:31)
7. Gift of Fire feat. Renato Osório (5:38) - Guest guitar solo by Renato Osório (Atomic Elephant, ex-Hibria)
8. Lost Paradise (5:17)
9. Seven Against Thebes (4:16)
10. Eurydice (5:46)
Album Length: 50:22

Walk With Titans is:
Drums : Nikko Cyr
Rythm Guitar : Nick Maugy
Lead Guitar : Louis Jacques
Bass Guitar : Lydz Grondin
Vocals & Orchestrations : Jonathan Vézina

Album Credits:
Album Artwork: Jean-Michel Lima
Logo and album cover layout: Jivago Raymond
Booklet Layout: Simon Bertrand
Recordings: Nick Maugy and Louis Jacques, and vocals were at Silverwings Studio by Jonathan Lefrançois
Mix and Mastering: Francis Gagné from Progressive Acoustics
Drums on the Album: Martin Plante (session drummer)
Music by Walk With Titans
Guest solo on ''Gift of Fire'' by Renato Osório (ex-Hibria)
Lyrics: Jonathan Vézina, Louis Jacques, and David Zinay (lost paradise, final dawn)

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