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Saturday, March 16, 2024

Digital dynamite: The Wall live

 This week's digital dynamite is a double CD that was long cried out for by Pink Floyd's fans.

"Is There Anybody There? -The Wall Live is a concert recording taken from The Wall Tour of Floyd the album and movie.

This original book format release from 2000 was released by EMI and Pink Floyd Music. A reissue would later appear as a standard CD but the book version contains some wonderful photos and details.on the band and the live show.

The band never wanted this release and fought many years to block it as the album and your was such a sore point for Floyd. Bassist Roger Waters would leave after the following album such was the anguish within the band.

The CD is careful not to say when the recording is from exactly or if it had been reworked but fans still delighted in finally getting a live recording of the classic is generally accepted that the album is an amalgamation of shows from 1980 &81 at Londons Earls Court

 A live video remains a holy grail for Floyd fans.

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