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Sunday, May 5, 2024

In Profile: One Fall

Melodic punk/hardcore with anthemic 

Country: USA
Label: (insigned)

1. Let's start at the beginning then. When did the band form?

We got together in the spring of 2022 and put out our first EP in November of that year.

2. Who's in the band?
Helen McWilliams - rhythm guitar/vox
Phill Hunt - lead guitar
Caleb Wheeler - drums
Darren Lourie - bass

3. Were any of you in bands before?
All of us have been in bands previously -- a few of us used to play together in our old bands quite a bit! Helen played in Tijuana Sweetheart and Petty Morals, Phill played in Giant Target and Drug Blood, Caleb played in Razors in the Night and Giant Target, and Darren played in Meliah Rage.

4. How would YOU describe your sound?
Melodic punk/hardcore with anthemic vocals.

5. What are your musical influences?
Very influenced by big names in the shreddy melodic punk genre like A Wilhelm Scream and Strung Out, but we are just as influenced by the great local bands in our area and in NYC like The Promised End, Little Low, Something Bitter, and Tired Radio.

6. What have been up to lately? any new stuff to delight our ears?
We're working on new music all the time! We plan to release some new music this year.

7. How about live dates? What have you been doing and what ya got planned for 2024?
We've been playing all over the place recently -- just had the honor of playing The Town and the City Fest in Lowell, MA followed by Music Fests Here 2 in NYC. This summer we are headed to the UK for a short run with our shreddy melodic punk pals in Oh the Humanity and we're incredibly psyched about it.

8. Name something about yourselves that fans won't know.
We are deeply passionate about snacks -- like way more passionate about snacks than we are about music. And we have been known to blast some unexpected tunes in the van -- we listen to "Chippy Tea" by the Lancashire Hotpots every single time we're on the road.

9. What's the most embarrassing moment you've had?
Ooh, related to the band? Great question. I don't embarrass that easily, but I did introduce us as "We're Salem from ONE FALL Massachusetts" (rather than "ONE FALL from Salem Massachusetts") at one of our bigger shows.

10. Do you have any superstitions? Any things you do before a show?
Before every show, we talk about how weird it is that this is our "last show ever." We like to try to remember that every band has a last show and they don't all know which one it's going to be. So we try to never take it for granted and bring everything we have to the table.

11. Are there any musicians or bands you'd love to work with?
Frank Turner is definitely on the list. And Blood Command.

12. Any final thoughts?
We hope to see folks come out to our shows in England!! We need to meet some cool new people and bands. And thank you for reading!!

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