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Monday, May 6, 2024

Incoming! Asenblut


Entfesselt" marks a breakthrough, a new era of Melodic Viking Death Metal act ASENBLUT.

Years of changing line-ups and internal struggles have come to an end, and the band only knows one direction: forward! August 2, 2024 will see the band release their new album via Massacre Records"Entfesselt" will be available as CD Digipak, Ltd. Box Set, Ltd. Vinyl LP (black, silver, transparent green) and Digital formats. The boxset will include the CD Digipak, an "Asenblut" leather bracer, sticker plus autograph card. Pre-order the upcoming ASENBLUT album here:


In support of their record release, ASENBLUT have announced a series of summer shows. Find all upcoming dates listed below!


Today, the band is premiering a music video for their first album single "Unbesiegbar"ASENBLUT frontman Tetzel comments: "We often sink our heads in shame for things we can't control and had no part in. So let's take a step back and look at the whole picture. Look at what humanity has achieved. We conquered the sea, the lands, and the sky, even starting to shoot for the stars. Stop frowning upon what we have done to be where we are. Humanity can be awesome if we realize our potential! Together we are invincible, adaptable, and strong!“


"Unbesiegbar" is now streaming on all digital providers via

watch the music video premiering here:



Even though the album is not a concept album per se, the album title "Entfesselt", German for unleashed, certainly gives the direction and right impression at first glance; there is just no holding back anymore. "Entfesselt" turned out rougher, more direct and more powerful than any ASENBLUT album before! 10 tracks filled with raw energy and emotion, considering the lowest lows and celebrating the highest highs. 


The songwriting was done by Balrogh in close colaboration with Tetzel, who directed the songs and wrote all the lyrics. It is no coincidence that the choruses of a lot of songs draw you in and make you sing along and pump your fist! For the sound, the band decided to go a bit more in-your-face: Big guitars, strong and harsh growls and thundering drums.


Featuring guest appearances of such as Askeroth of Nachtblut and 

Matthias Mente (Deliver The Galaxy)"Entfesselt" was produced, mixed and mastered by Maté Balogh, with an additional mastering by Andrea Testori at Streetrec Studio. The cover artwork was designed by Nick Greenwood.




1. Das Ende der Götter

2. Entfesselt

3. Unbesiegbar

4. Wie ein Berserker

5. Arm in Arm

6. Hexengericht

7. Wölfe des Meeres

8. Blut und Sand

9. Dagon

10. Nox Nostra Est



"We are back! Not only with our new album Entfesselt”, but also with a new live show, even more powerful, energetic and just completely ENTFESSELT!“ Writes Tetzel about the upcoming live shows. "The last few years have given us time to completely realign ourselves and set a clear direction for us: Forward! Experience Asenblut with all their usual power and renewed fire!


The month-long weekend tour starting at the end of August and throughout September 2024 comes with a killer billing: The melo-deathers Deliver The Galaxy, the melodic black punk combo LaVila from Osnabrück, Germany, and the Viking / symphonic black metal band Black Messiah support Asenblut on their journey through 9 cities in Germany and an exclusive stop in Austria.“




For More Info Visit:



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