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Saturday, June 8, 2024

Cranium. It’s all in the head…


The Finnish heavy psych band Craneium has created their own style of fuzzed out music. With a dynamic take on what some describe as stoner rock, the band breathes 70’s heavy rock as well as 90’s desert psychedelia. The music of Craneium washes over you through a constant ebb and flow, while the fuzzy heaviness is complemented by both melodies and atmospheric passages. The band sets out to make music that is diverse yet distinct. 


Since the formation they have played over a hundred shows around the Nordic countries and Europe. Starting out in true DIY-spirit they've played everything from basements and rock clubs. That hard work has paid off and the band has since then come to perform at large venues and alternative festivals such as the Swedish psych rock mecca Krökbacken, the magnificent Truckfighters Fuzz Festival in Stockholm, and Helsinki’s newest stoner festival DesertHel. Craneium has had the pleasure to share both the stage and international heavy underground community with bands such as Lowrider, Skraeckoedlan, Lucifer, Mars Red Sky, Demonic Death Judge and many more. 


The early hard work also gained the attention of the California label Ripple Music, who released both the band’s debut album “Explore The Void” (2016) and their sophomore album “The Narrow Line” (2018). The contacts and recognition that came from this international partnership inspired the band to develop and branch out both musically and professionally.


The release of Craneium's third album “Unknown Heights” (2021) was the start of the band's partnership with Swedish label The Sign Records. A collaboration that resulted in an increase in both attention and listeners as well as international media coverage. The album was recorded and mastered by producer Joona Hassinen of Studio Underjord and attracted more attention from international rock media than ever before. The track “Somber Aeons” has been a staple on Spotify’s Prog Rock playlist since the release, which symbolizes the wide genre spanning appeal of their music. 


The fourth album “Point of No Return” was released by The Sign Records in 2024. The album was recorded by Joona Hassinen at his new Studio Underjord in Finspång, Sweden with mixing and mastering duties handled by legendary Karl Daniel Lidén (Studio Gröndahl). The band has long admired his work with giants such as Lowrider and Greenleaf, and we are more than pleased with the end result. With the songwriting expanding upon the Craneium sound with atmospheric guitar leads and heavy riffing, the dynamics have become more polished and clean. Conceptually, the lyrics deal with the climate catastrophe and the responsibility of mankind for planet Earth. The artwork was handled by psychedelic artist Jaime Zuverza and complements the music perfectly.

Craneium will once again visit Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands in support of their new album “Point of No Return”. The album was released on February 24th by Swedish rock label The Sign Records to positive reviews, and the band embarked on a 12-date tour through Scandinavia to support it. This summer, the tour continues in continental Europe and brings you:

Fuzzed Out Summer Sounds 
8 June - Bar Loose, Helsinki (FIN)
27 June - Lygtens Kro, Copenhagen (DK)
28 June - OBH, Berlin (DE)
29 June - Ostpol, Dresden (DE)
2 July -  Peniche Legia, Liege (BEL)
3 July - Schlampazius, Stuttgart (DE)
5 July - De Tanker in Noord, Amsterdam (NL)
6 July - Gängeviertel, Hamburg (DE)


Stream "Point of No Return":

Get "Point of No Return" on black and/or orange vinyl:

Connect with Craneium:

This tour is made possible by the help of The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland.

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