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Saturday, June 8, 2024

World On Alert!


Top L-R: John Vincelli (Vocals on War Inside) | Nick Amalfi (Guitar Solo on Freedom In Disguise) | Justyn Vynn (Vocals and Guitar Solos on Insecurities and Alone with My Thoughts) | Alex Walsh (All Rhythm and Lead Guitars, Guitar Solo on Freedom In Disguise)

Bottom L-R: Costa Skoulikas (Guitar Solos on They Came From the Pleiades and The War Inside) | Gino LaPosta (Bass, Keys, Programmed Drums) | Max Rex (Vocals on Freedom In Disguise)

Missing: Armen Apekian (Guitar Solo on The War Inside)

Photo Credit: Jonathan Senecal

Montreal, Canada’s World On Alert is thrilled to announce the release of their progressive and thrashy self-titled debut EP, alongside the premiere of the music video for their powerful new single “Insecurities”. This highly anticipated project features a unique blend of personal introspection and diverse musical influences, crafted by Gino LaPosta with the collaboration of several talented guest musicians. LaPosta comments on the single:

“‘Insecurities’ was a track I had going on for a long time. I had almost every riff on this track written almost six years ago. I just never found any place to really put it. Musically, it has a darker tone. Also, progressive, with a thrashier ending. Lyrically, this is about my struggles with shyness which stopped me from completing many life experiences. But then breaking out of that shyness to finally be who I am.”

The single dives deep into LaPosta's personal battles with introversion and self-assertion, themes also explored in “Alone With My Thoughts”. Justyn Vynn's evocative vocals and guitar work bring an added layer of intensity to the track. The accompanying music video visually captures the raw emotion and transformative journey detailed in the song.

During the pandemic, when live performances were halted, Gino LaPosta took the opportunity to focus on creating music in his studio. This EP is a testament to his ability to draw from personal experiences and collaborate with a network of talented friends and family. This debut offering is recommended for fans of Dream Theater, Rush, and Tool.

Watch and listen to the music video for “Insecurities” via its premiere on Bravewords HERE.

Due out on June 28, 2024World on Alert's self-titled EP is available for pre-order at

Spotify -

Track Listing: 
1. Freedom In Disguise ft. Max Rex (CroMagnum), Nick Amalfi, Alex Walsh (6:10)
2. Insecurities ft. Justyn Vynn (Orchad), Alex Walsh (6:00)
3. They Came From the Pleiades ft. Costa Skoulikas (Mutank), Alex Walsh (8:34)
4. Alone With My Thoughts ft. Justyn Vynn (Orchad), Alex Walsh (4:32)
5. The War Inside ft. John Vincelli (Void Within), Costa Skoulikas (Mutank), Armen Apekian (Ashes Of Eden), Alex Walsh (5:38)
EP Length: 30:54

More info: | |

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