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Saturday, June 1, 2024

Iconic Vinyl: School's Out

This week's Iconic Vinyl is School's Out, the 1972 album by Alice Cooper.  Released June of that year by Warner Bros the album is a classic in terms of music and album sleeve design.

This album is from a time when the cover was important. It meant something; it was a key part in the release of the record. This is mostly lost in the modern era of CD and digital download.

The album of course features Cooper's hit single School's Out. Produced by Bob Ezrin and recorded at Record Plant this album would be an absolute smash for Alice and the band. Let's not forget that this WAS The Alice Cooper Band at the rime which was still a constant lineup rather than the revolving door of musicians that worked with cooper after Billion Dollar Babies.

The LP design of the first pressing (seen here) was a masterpiece of creativity and commercial production by Craig Braun.

Wilkes & Braun were nominated for the Best Recording Package Grammy in 1973 for School's Out.

The album would reach Number 2 of the Billboard Album Chart

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