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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Lord of the Lost release live album & Blu-ray

Germany’s chart-topping LORD OF THE LOST announce the release of their new live album and DVD/BluRay, LIVE at W:O:A, out August 2, 2024, via Napalm Records! Featuring strong live versions of 16 original hits and two cover songs performed together with German 90s pop sensation Blümchen, LIVE at W:O:A was filmed and recorded during the band’s first-ever performance on the Wacken main stage, as “deadliners” after the iconic headliner Iron Maiden (with whom LORD OF THE LOST has shared the stage on two European tours). Tens of thousands of fans from all over the world celebrated in front of the stage late into the night with the band, which vocalist Chris Harms describes as “a dream come true”.            

On the DVD version of 
LIVE at W:O:A, the particularly energetic and dynamic camera work emphasizes the extreme energy of a LORD OF THE LOST concert, as the band performs a balanced set full of surprises. Today, the band reveals a live version of “Drag Me To Hell”, a fan favorite that has over 2.2 million video views on the original version. Check out the live video below for a taste of what’s to come, and place your pre-order now!     

LORD OF THE LOST topped the Official German Album Charts with their previous albums (Blood & Glitter landing at #1 and Weapons Of Mass Seduction at #2 on the Official German Album Charts), and the band’s career has skyrocketed in recent years, bringing LORD OF THE LOST to the attention of much larger audiences and to huge stages. To celebrate the release off their new offering LIVE at W:O:A the band teamed up with Metal Hammer UK recently for an extra-special bundle cover with a limited amount of 300 issues worldwide.

LIVE at W:O:A blends old fan favorites (such as “Drag Me To Hell” and “Loreley”) and hits from newer releases, including the title track “Blood & Glitter” as well as the Roxette cover “The Look”from the #1 charting latest studio album Blood & Glitter (Official German Album Charts). Blümchen’s legendary version of Paso Doble’s “Herz An Herz” is another entertaining addition.

Breaking the charts and playing the main stage at Wacken are just some of LORD OF THE LOST’s many 2023 highlights - the band represented Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest finals in Liverpool, performing to more than 150 million live viewers, and received plenty of attention from huge mainstream media outlets simultaneously. LORD OF THE LOST even performed for King Charles III, sold out several headline shows and played many other big festival stages alongside the riveting Wacken performance.

15 years of band history, over 500 shows in nearly 40 countries, 8 studio albums, 3 ensemble albums with orchestra and close to 60 music videos - LORD OF THE LOST is a creative machine that has paved its own way through the musical landscape over the years, without ever being stuck to just one genre or scene. Successor to the electrifying covers album Weapons Of Mass Seduction (2023, #2 on the Official German Album Charts), LIVE at W:O:A might well be LORD OF THE LOST’s last release as a five-piece, as the band gained an official sixth member in spring 2024. It is clear that following their busiest, most successful times as a band so far, LORD OF THE LOST is better than ever and still moving forward full-speed.


LIVE at W:O:A Tracklist:

1    Lighting The Way (Intro)

2    The Curtain Falls

3    Morgana

4    Kill It With Fire

5    The Future Of A Past Life

6    Dry The Rain

7    Under The Sun

8    Herz An Herz

9    The Look

10    Ruins

11    Blood & Glitter

12    Full Metal Whore

13    Destruction Manual

14    Blood For Blood

15    Loreley

16    Die Tomorrow

17    Drag Me To Hell

18    La Bomba


LIVE at W:O:A will be available in the following formats:            

- 3-CD Digipak (CD/DVD/BD), 12p Booklet

- 3-CD Earbook (CD/DVD/BD)

- Digital Album

LORD OF THE LOST live 2024:

Tickets available here:

15 Years Of LORD OF THE LOST Summer Show:

12.08.24 DE – Aschaffenburg


U.S. + Canada:

13.09.24 US – Baltimore, MD

14.09.24 US – New York City, NY

15.09.24 US – Boston, MA

17.09.24 US – Montreal, QC

18.09.24 US – Toronto, ON

20.09.24 US – Cleveland, OH

21.09.24 US – Chicago, IL

22.09.24 US – Minneapolis, MN

24.09.24 US – Denver, CO

26.09.24 US – Phoenix, AZ

27.09.24 US – Los Angeles, CA

28.09.24 US – San Francisco, CA


14.12.24 DE – Hamburg / Sporthalle


Festivals 2024:

28.-30.06.24 FI – Helsinki / Tuska Festival

09.-11.08.24 BE – Kortrijk / Alcatraz Festival

10.-11.08.24 DE – Hildesheim / M‘era Luna

14.-17.08 24 DE – Dinkelsbühl / Summer Breeze

15.-17.08.24 CZ – Moravský Krumlov / Rock Castle

16.08.24 DE – Zwickau / Stadtfest

24.08.24 DE – Wuppertal / Feuertal Festival

06.-08.09.24 DE – Selb / Festival Mediaval (Exclusive Acoustic Show)

29.-30.11.24 DE – Weissenhäuser Strand / Plage Noire



Chris Harms – Vocals, Guitar

Pi Stoffers – Guitar

Class Grenayde – Bass

Gared Dirge – Piano, Synths, Percussion, Guitar

Niklas Kahl – Drums

Benjamin “Benji“ Mundigler – Keyboard, Guitar









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